Networking cable for speaker cable?

Has anyone heard or read anything about this? A sound engineer mentioned that people in his industry were getting good results. As always, your responses are appreciated.
Yeah- CAT 5 cable is supposed to be good for single or biwire applications, especially the teflon insulated premium variety. You should be able to run a search and find DIY recipes. Its cheap enough that you could experiment to your hearts content.
Check over at the Asylum under the "cables" forum. They can refer you to several different designs by either Chris VH, Thorston Loesch via TNT audio, Jon Risch, etc... I have a couple runs of CAT 5 based cables and they do some things quite well. If you do them "right", it is a LOT or work though. Sean
I just recently (last weekend) finished building a bi-wire set of cables based on the Chris Ven Haus design. I absolutely love them! I used 9 pair for the highs and 18 pair for the lows. It is a pain in the butt to do all of the braiding but after listening I think it's worth the time. The cable to use is Belden 1585a. I have also read of others using the 1701a wire. I ordered mine from, cost was 42.50 plus $10 for shipping for 170 ft. This makes a little more than 10ft pairs. For more info go to:
There are a number of DIY interconnect cable designs using CAT5 cable floating around the internet that I have read work very well also,