CD player for under $2,000

I have a very high resolution system with superb front end (SME20/2, Triplanar, Lyra Titan). I currently do not have a CD player in this system. I am looking for an excellent red book player that will not be too embarrased by my analog front end. My price limit is $2,000 retail. A few that I have in mind are the Quad CDP 99, Naim 5i and Consonance. Your experiences and comparisons with any of these players or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
The Lector CDP-0.5T is the ONLY choice !

Classe CDP-10 if you can find one. Smooth as a baby's butt.
I am VERY happy with the warmth and fluidity of the Audio Aero Prima.
Research the Musical Fidelity A308 player. Superb! So much better than my Sony xa777es. Used price is $1500. Good Luck.

Muse Model Nine Signature.
Of the 3 models for which you've stated interest, I would guess that they are all very good. I know that the Naim player is very good and recommend it.

Also in your price range would be the Music Hall Maverick at $1500. It boasts first class redbook play, and you get SACD, too.

Sutts said it best...keep saving. Unfortunately,there is nothing that will approach the level of your LP rig for anywhere near the price you set, and you are Im sure, aware of this....however, not much in digital will except the big guns and a whole lot of serious $$$ to lay out(even used)..Best to pick something like the Naim which is killer at it's price point and resign yourself to the understanding that your analog rig rules! :)