CD changer

Hi All.  I have a good high end single disc player, but there are times when a changer would be very handy while cooking/etc.  Just would like to hear from others what seems to be a good changer.  I may use it as it is or add a good DAC.  Thanks
Onkyo DXC-390   I've had mine for years, still works great, think they still make them...Also sounds better with inexpensive external DAC like Parasound Zdac or Simaudio 100D...
I've had Denon and Sony changers and both were good.  I prefer platters to cartridges.
Thanks for the suggestions.  I have been thinking of the Onkyo with an external DAC.
I used it with both DAC's I mentioned and was very pleasantly surprised by the sound quality 
At one time I had three 300 CD Changers from Sony. I wouldnt go with that approach these days. Get a PC and a DAC and a subscription to Tidal and burn you collection to the hardrive.
the best multidiscs i've owned were rotel (rc1055). the integra cdc 3.4, 3.3 etc. are also quite serviceable (and take 6 discs) and very, very inexpensive on ebay