Caveat about the Cable Company return policy

I naively thought they had a liberal return policy and bought a few ethernet cables thinking I could return them if they didn't work out for me. Turns out in the fine print of the return policy you can only return interconnect and digital cables that are 1 meter and speaker cables that are 8 feet. Anything else is by their definition "non-standard" and therefore non returnable. That is despite the fact they have numerous lengths you can choose from their drop down menus and the company I bought from (Chord) lists the 5 meter cable I bought as a standard length,

here's the kicker.. you can only return speaker cables that are 8 feet but they sell them by the meter, so it is impossible to return an 8 foot speaker cable because they don't sell any. Lesson learned, read the fine print

I just demo'd 2 different products from them and had absolutely no problem at all. Great service...
I’ve been auditioning & buying a variety of cables and a few components for about a year, and have been very pleased . Admittedly, the main reason for my contentment is working w the same salesman/advisor; an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and pleasant gentleman named Jason Ressler. His advice & customer support quite simply, couldn’t be better.....& I’m no easy customer. Almost every item he’s recommended has delivered  a substantial(sometimes dramatic) improvement to my system. Their prices are def not cut-rate discount, but I’ve found them to be quite competitive. The very few minor problems I’ve had w them have been resolved quickly & amicably to my satisfaction. YMMV.
I’ve also found them difficult to nearly impossible to deal with. 
I’ve stopped dealing with them. 
Yup.  I bought a component from them last year with a very clearly and explicitly return policy attached to it, and when I went to return it well within the return policy they squirmed and squirmed trying to get out of it but eventually had to accept it.  Not an experience I'll be repeating.  Music Direct was a breeze in comparison.
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 there ok wires  keep them
 you get what you pay for
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