Carver M 1.5t

Just saw a this unit on my local Craigs.  Add says it was recapped 10 years ago.  Is this unit worth asking price of $500.  I was just going to run it with a Sonos source and some polk audio speakers in my garage/shop.

The M1.5 @ $500 in is the ballpark of what hifi shark says they have sold for...BUT....why buy a potential problem (10 years old) when you can spend less and get a brand new amplifier that will sound as good and probably better, easy resale if you ever want to resell, tons of power with L/R gain controls that will allow balance.

Crown XLS 1502 DriveCore™ 2 Series power amplifier — 300W x 2 at 8 ohms, 1,550W x 1 at 4 ohms bridged at Crutchfield
Yeah had an old PS Audio P200 running the garage system.  Great amp but it buzzed loudly and finally died.  Totally reluctant to dump $ on old gear when there is so much new stuff. 
There is some older gear that makes sense to consider because of the reputation of the gear or the designer...but that doesn't apply to the was trend setting in its time and it sounded decent...but $500 is too much...maybe at $250 I'd take a chance for the garage.  
I had one.. about 35 years ago....   thin sounding in my opinion.  Much better used amps,out there for the $500 asking price
Carver was a very flashy designer who correctly thought lots of power was the key to transients but his implementations were not full bodied and natural sounding. I would never bought one back then, let alone new.
Don't buy that Crown XLS 1502. It really sounds bad. I bought one and returned it.