Cartridge find Audio Technica AT155LC - any good?

Anyone have experience with this cartridge? I think it's a MM, did a google search and couldn't find what the output or VTF is. Any help is appreciated :-)

AT-155 LC


moving magnet

Output Voltage

Frequency Response
5Hz - 35kHz

Tracking Force


Channel Separation
> 32db

Channel Balance
< 0.5db

Load Impedance
47k ohms

Output Impedance
3200 ohms


Stylus Tip
0.12m/m nude sq line contact


Dynamic Compliance

Not only is it a very fine cartridge able to compete with the very top MCs IMHO........but its stylus assembly is compatible with many of the top Signet MM cartridges and with its Line Contact stylus profile, it can provide the sound required to smoke almost any cartridge out there.
If you have one.....enjoy it as even the OEM replacement stylus is very nearly impossible to procur? :^)
Thanks Halcro, I won't know the condition of the stylus (original) until I mount it. If it's as good as you state what replacement stylus should I consider? That also leads me down the path of what MM phono should I consider? My main phono has only one gain setting and it's for low output MCs. I have a NAD PP2 that does MM but suspect better might be required.
According to LPGear/LPTunes the AT-155 LC stylus is out of production and has been superseded by the stylus for the AT 440ML, and (again, according to them) is better. I like the MicroLine stylus, as I've been using an AT150MLX for over three years.
Regards, Musichead: Haven't checked recently but TurnTableNeedles did offer the ATN155LC, it's relatively expensive. An AT140LC stylus will work nicely, a nude Shibata on a tapered alu. cantilever for about half of the cost of a 155LC. Nice cart.

A genuine at155lc is a fine stylus but there is a scam going on. Turntable needles are taking the mount and stylus guard and mounting an inferior generic 208-dex astatic cantilever and non jewel quality diamond as well as many other people and ebay sellers. Be careful! There aren't many GENUINE at155lc out there anymore and a generic cantilever does not sound anything like the genuine at styli!
Indianrider, thanks!!! I was preparing to place an order from Turntableneedles. I'll avoid them like the plague.
I have purchased a couple of 155lc stylus from Turntableneedles, before they ran out, and they were always the correct stylus with beryllium shaft. They have since running out, shown that they had none, and point to their 208 stock which does include the 208-dex.

I have bought many times from Turntableneedles and have found them reliable.
I may have some crow to eat. The Turntableneedles 155lc does not come in an Audio Technica box like another 155lc purchased elsewhere, and it has a dot on the shaft which is not on the 155lc I just took out of a box.
Caveat Emptor. It seems one doesn't know whom to trust in this apparently shady business of internet sales of vintage phono cartridge styli. Bluz Broz is another company that has misrepresented product, in their case it was Acutex styli. Are there not laws in place to protect the consumer from stuff like this? A lawyer once told me that if someone misrepresents something sold through the mail, they are liable for "mail fraud", but I don't know of any audiophile who has pursued compensation via legal channels. I write as someone who has bought a few vintage styli over the last few years, and I worry about their authenticity. I am always suspicious when vendor X is selling stylus Y that no one else has seen for sale for several years previously.

How on earth, for one example, can one tell whether the cantilever is beryllium or boron and not alu, or worse, pot metal? For ruby, we have color as an identifier, I guess. And only a real expert can distinguish among the shapes of different styli, seen under a microscope.
Turntableneedles even shows the 208-dex under, Astatic instead of Audio Technica, but other than that they make no mention of this being Astatic.

I owe Indianrider an apology. I should have done my homework before posting.
Maybe it's time to move on to an AT150MLX. Currently in production and has a MicroLine stylus (excellent tracker, very long lasting) instead of the Line Contact.
Regards, anxious ones: Three ATN155LC styli here. One unmarked, one with the notorious blue dot, another with a black dot. Also a SN (Signet) TK7LCa, unmarked. The significance of those markings may relate to production schedules, assembly station or inspection. Among other possibilities, who other than AT can say for certain?

Of the four cantilevers, all are ground at an angle at the stylus interface, equal length and of a diameter slightly greater than the "V Magnets". A quick look at the end should show a solid rod, not a pipe. Beryllium's color is close to polished steel, a slight grey"ish" cast. Boron tends towards a bronze. The stylus in question should be exceptionally clear, jewel quality and nude mounted. Even at 10X, the radical cuts to the face of the stylus should be evident, as well as the high level of polish.

Purchased over a span of four years the three ATN155LCs as well as the OEM Signet have the compliance screw set with a white sealant. I've seen AT compliance screws set with yellow, blue, red, green, black and clear. It's unlikely any meddling with the cantilever would be undetectable.

I've patronized TTN for years. All examples have been exactly as described. In one transaction excessive sealant on an ATN15Xe prevented the assembly from seating in the cart, distortion was evident. Emails were exchanged. Once "Steve" (IIRC) concluded there was no intent to perpetrate a scam it was agreed the excess could be removed without compromising return privileges, he offered to send his last example immediately. At that point, five seconds with a hobby knife and the issue was resolved.

Indianrider, I see nothing errant about the TTN reference to the beryllium cantilevered ATN155LC, shown now as obsolete (unavailable). The last time I checked StereoNeedles did still offer the OEM assembly. Due to personal preferences I'll do business elsewhere.

No associations with TTN other than confidence, caveat emptor is always good advise.

Hello Timeltel, any ideas why TTneedles would take the 155lc out of the original box, and install it in a tin?

Also, as described above, the 155lc shows to come out of the Astatic line at the top of the TTneedles page. i don't believe they were monkeyed with, I am suspecting they are Astatic replacements.

I have enjoyed this, whatever 155, for a few years on different cartridges. In a way, it is a good thing, as I will now hear the other 155lc in an AT box and compare.

It only matters now, because I hate to put out bad info.
Hi, Acman3: I can only guess as to why styli are not kept in original packaging, this may due to standardizing cataloging/storage procedures. AFAIK, typical TTN packaging is a fairly fragile plastic box. The more costly styli are shipped in sturdier tins. Several years past, I received a genuine Acutex stylus in the plastic package from TTN. Shipped in a padded envelope, the flimsy box was shattered. "Steve" responded the tins were relatively expensive, since that episode the several styli I've received have been in the very handy tins.

Astatic reference codes are fairly universal regardless of provenance. The presence of a copyrighted logo such as AT, Shure or Empire on the assembly should be an assurance of authenticity. If absent then it's very likely an aftermarket replacement. For these aftermarket styli, Astatic used a four-digit code, usually beginning with either "N" or "4". such as 4718-DEQ.

It's a good practice to confirm with the vendor that the stylus is indeed OEM. I recently reserved a Pickering TL4 stylus with the condition that it was, as indicated, a genuine Pickering product. The supplier B--z something-or-other ;) didn't bother to respond.

Danny, I don't see any bad information contained in your posts, nor on the TTN site. What I do see is several online vendors picturing a package showing the Astatic three digit code such as *718-DEQ, indicating an OEM stylus, meanwhile the stylus offered is obviously a generic replacement.

Caveat emptor indeed.

Musichead,Any of the ideas above are good for replacement stylus. There are 155lc stylus available. The 140lc is a good stylus at under $100, and I like Johnnyb's idea on the 150 stylus.

I was off work today and broke in the new AT155lc stylus, it sounds exactly the same as the old AT 155 stylus with the blue dot from Turntableneedles , just like Timeltel said.

Much adu about nothing. Enjoy your cartridge.
Regards, Danny: Glad it worked out'

Musichead: Some comments about the AT155LC (& styli):

A Tk7e arrived today, LpGear ViVid line stylus already on it. Bold mids, solid bass but lacking detail & hf nuance of the Signet cart with an ATN155LC.

Anyone familiar with the Pickering XLZ7500 S? Is this one
similar with Stanton 981 XLZ? I just got one.

You can get genuine ATN155LC stylii at Mine came in the original AT packaging.
I would be curious about these replacement stylus.As far as I know they been out of production for quite some time, and I am not aware of any cartridges that use beryllium anymore.Also, industrial standards mandate strict handling procedures when working with beryllium.
I recently purchased a "NOS" AT155LC replacement stylus from one of the online retailers (not ebay) and found through macro photo analysis that it is the genuine article. Definitely a Shibata Linear Contact needle tip. So there are still genuine stylus replacements available. I linked the pictures I took below.


I thought if I attached markup tags they would work in here. I was wrong! The links to the pics are below. Just copy and paste in your browser.
I have had one since 1984 still works great despite frequent use.  Sound is quite excellent compared to my other cartridges (Shure V15, Ortofon OM10) seems to have a very crisp sound.  I kind of suspect Audio-Technica "tweaked" the electrical characteristics to make this cartridge sound "brighter" but I"m OK with that!  No problems with durability or materials degradation (especially the elastomer stylus bearing). I like the light tracking force 1.4 grams it's easy on my precious old one-of-a-kind vinyl records.  From what I can remember from when I selected it, i is a high compliance cartridge so it's not suitable for linear tracking turntables, only pivoting arm conventional ones.
The AT 155LC is one of the very best MM cartridges from the mid-1980's. It sold for nearly $400 in 1980's dollars or in the low thousands of today's dollars.
AT was at the top of their game and developing better and better cartridges just as CDs were starting to change the equation.
I bought one on eBay years ago and still run it from time to time. Compared to modern day carts, I think it's better sounding than the popular $800 Ortofon 2M Black.
By the way the LC stands for Line Contact. Which is one of the best stylus shapes and and common on more expensive carts.
I think that AT nomenclature is the most complex and inscrutable
while to make things even worst they added Signet and Precept
series there. I own the 155LC but have no idea where to place
in the ranking order of AT's. I got my from some Aussie in exchange
for some of my MM samples. I use only MC kinds so if I can make
some member happy I will do this gladly.