Cartridge: Audio Technica AT155LC v Goldring G1012

I know this is a weird comparison, but the one and only TT / cartridge I own was purchased in 25 years ago -- a Luxman PD-289 with the audio technica mentioned above. The cartridge was pretty pricey in its day, and the replacement OEM stylus wasn't cheap either.

So now I'd like to see what new technology has to offer. I have my eye on the Musical Hall 5.1, which has the Goldring cartridge. Will I see big improvements?

It's funny you should mention this. I just posted asking for advice in the $300 range, originally thinking about an AT-0C9 II or Denon DL-301 mk2. One respondant put in for the AT-150MLX (the closest modern iteration available in the US to what you have) and another recommended the Goldring G1042.

Since you got your cartridge, Audio Technica changed the stylus on the AT150 MLX to a Micro-Line stylus. Goldring is a big booster for the long, narrow Fritz-Geiger design, which both the 1022 and 1042 use. Goldrings are highly regarded for a liquid, transparent midrange among other things. The Audio Technica is hailed for neutrality and speed while maintaining musical cohesiveness.

I did a bit of reading, and I got the impression (from an issue of Sensible Sound that compared the AT150 MLX to a Fritz-Geiger OM-40 on a Technics SL1200) that the Fritz-Geiger is a great stylus for new vinyl, but the MicroLine is better at finding the unused part of the groove when playing used (and possibly beat-up) vinyl. Since the most of my record collection was hastily and cheaply assembled from thrift shops and used record stores' bargain bins, I decided to fo for the AT150MLX. I should get it in a week.

I don't think you could lose with either one. They're both robust, high output, high performance MM cartridges at a relatively low price for their performance level.