Candles are lit, lights are down low

....and your honey is in your arms...Now what music do you put on?
I am inspired by the some of the posts to a recent thread "Close your eyes and hear the music ?" to ask this question in an attempt to get more "value added" from my electronic investment.
John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman,....great/lush sounds.
Almost anything by Paul Desmond or Helen Merrill.
Roxy Music- 'Avalon'
Metallic...the louder the better!
Christy Baron singing "Spooky" - aural foreplay.
thunders and i usually put on some ozzie.

when i'm with a woman, however, (a *real* woman - no offense thundie) it's all about chet baker, especially 'chet baker sings.'

sometimes edith piaf.
Geez....I really agree with Chet Baket...etc, but David99
has me thinking,... Maybe tonight I'll try some AC/DC or
some Gangsta Rap....any suggestions?
Geez....I really agree with Chet Baket...etc, but David99
has me thinking,... Maybe tonight I'll try some AC/DC or
some Gangsta Rap....any suggestions?

That's Baker (not Baket)....damn, never could type!
I see; the Philips ad with the young couple having a romantic dinner while listening to Marilyn Manson or something equally violent is based on reality. I belong to an earlier generation and would suggest side 1 of the first Dire Straits LP. An excellent choice is also Solo piano works of Philip Glass the composer performing.
Have to agree with the Roxy or Chet Baker choice. I enjoy "Chet Baker Sings", but check out his "Last Great Concert" double CD, Whoa! Chris Isaaks "Baja Sessions" fits right in as well.
Santana's Caravanseri set on repeat...
bmpnyc i'll check out 'last great concert' thanks. i like the later chet too but sometimes the whistling and chirping coming from his false teeth upsets me. does the 'sound' compare to 'chet baker sings?' the sound on that one is really amazing huh?

perstratiou: i used to put philip glass on when i wanted to lull the woman into a trance. several times i've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar (so to speak) when the cd abruptly came to an end so no more. i can't take another couple years in the pokey.
Al Green.
What!!! Who is she. You just better hope I don't find out who she is, that bitch. And why don't you ever play Chet Baker for me, Khan, huh, why? And how am I supposed to feel with you putting this up for everyone to see? Do you not know how humiliating that is for me? I hate you!-I hate you!-I-Hate-You!!!
Khan played the Philip Glass for you I see Thunders?
Kubla K, "The Last Great Concert (My Favorite Songs)"is absolutely one of the great moments in music ever captured live. Now, I'm just beginning to appreciate some good jazz, being from a rock background, and after discovering, Kind of Blue, Time Out etc. a few years ago, I didn't expect to hear something as great as that again (this is after listening to at least 200 very good jazz CD's). Well, my wife used to work at a record company, so she has a few rare CD's, and one of them was the "Last Great Concert, My Favorite Songs, Vol I and Vol II". She put it on and I was transfixed, it was like finding someone every bit as good as Miles, only different. There is a current release of this available at most big record stores, unfortunately the original recording was a 2 disc set, and the current one is a single disc, so half of the tracks are missing. Enja sells them as My Favorite Songs,and My Favorite Songs Vol 2 The single disc is still great, but the double disc is sublime. Two weeks before he died a drummer and fan who had actually jammed with him once was now a radio producer put together a tribute concert, which included both a small group, and a symphony orchestra, giving Chet the choice of any songs he liked, and the producer organized everything. I think it was one of the crowning achievements of his career, but I'm not the expert. Don't hesitate to search this one out. Let me know if you can't locate it, and perhaps I can help. Good listening to all. Time to light up a candle, pour a glass of wine , pop on a little Chet, and see if my honey is in a swingin' mood. And to all.. a good night!
Coltrane for lovers sets the mood nicely and is available digitally remastered
Hey,Im an old pro at this stuff! As I mentioned above Metallica and loud! Other metal and rock works well also!
Think about it.Ya wanna get the adrenalin going,or the tears flowing?? Huh??
Grover Washington: Limelight. any Andreas Vollenweider. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold (or) Brothers In Arms. Brian Ferry: Taxi. Roxy's Avalon also gets my vote (great suggestion there Sutts). any Kenny G. Shadowfax. Santana: Supernatural. And for 'the big finish': 1812 Overture!
crap bob ...1812? my 'big finish' barely requires 'flight of the bumblebee.'
Charlie Haden - the new 'Nocturne' or his duett with Chris Anderson will do very nicely.
jon hassell's 'fascinoma', santana 'borboletta'
David its all about setting off her Mojo or didn't you know? You like those rough girls or what? Whatever ignites her fireworks. Sounds like Kubla had an Edith Piaf experience "La Vie En Rose" maybe? Hey Kubla we've crossed the bridge into a new century, its not 1935 anymore but maybe you know some old fashioned girls? I personally like Morris Alpert's "Feelings" which should be in the "guilty pleasures" thread.
Tubegroover,Do I like rough girls? Hmmm,good question.I guess you really cant judge people by the music they like.Im a very mellow guy(really) and have a soft heart.I am a nurse(not that it matters) and dont use ANY substances,legal or illegal but I still like my metal!!
Anyway,do I like rough girls? DAMN STRAIGHT BRO!!!!!
Try gary Myricks's new CD Waltz of the Scarecrow King.