Can you test my internet radio station please

I just set up a station. Can I get a few people to see if it works? I can't do it myself because iTunes supplies the feed and when I try to listen it stops playing what's going over the air to tune in. Of course at this point nothing is playing over the air. I'm going to add tons of music in the next few hours if it works alright. Mostly ambient/space/experimental/modern electronic classical.
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Worked for me.
If this was playing at 12:02 PST then your station works. If not, you have a serious problem. :-) Using an SB3wireless.

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Sad World - Terasury

Do you post a playlist ?
Works, but keeps rebuffering every 10-20 seconds or so. Sounds like something I'd like for background music while working. I'll bookmark and check back!
Working well at 4:01 pm Pacific time. Nice tune and congratulations.
Sounds fine here.
I ripped all the stuff at 192...maybe I'll lower the bit-rate to 160 to see if that helps. Thanks for the comments. I'm going to install a little plug-in for iTunes that will show listeners the artist/track soon.
Anyone paying any of the "ARTISTS" for any of this entertainment?
If not--why not?
Well Mr. Psacanli, I've been in the electronic music scene for 18 years now and personally know many of these artists so I think that's good enough. The others will certainly not mind. I'm not playing The Beatles and Pink Floyd. If anyone thinks I'm making money off of this that is certainly not the case. I paid for the software out of my pocket...just trying to spread some good music so people will go out and buy. On top of all this 75% of the stuff I'm playing is from super-rare and out of print albums.
Sounds good. Pretty cool that you're using the higher bit rate.
regards, David
Hi Synthfreek,

I just saw the thread and hit the link--this is really cool! I'm going to do like like darkj and will bookmark and keep checking back.

Congrats on getting the site running! :)

Mr. Psacanli can send the artists a check. The rest of us have supported the artists already by buying their lps and cds.
OK, you "did" support some artists by buying LPs & CDs -in the past.
Does that give you any right to obtain your next "artistic creation" for free?
I own over 15000 LPs (and 5000 45 rpm singles from the 50's,60's & early 70's--I'm nearly 60 years old) and every one of them paid for. And hundreds of CDs,paid for as well.
Thats a decent investment in creative artistic works over the last 40 years.
Does that mean that Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, the Scottish Symphony, Rolando Villazon, Or the estate of Mario Lanza or Luciano Pavarotti or the newest of new artists are going to say "hey, Pete's been a good buyer all these years, supported the industry,etc--so from now on he should have all his new music for free??
What do you think?
A simple yes or no will say it all.
As a rule, a simple yes or no rarely says it all. Not on an internet forum for sure.
Tim, you're honest on that-but-when it comes to a simple question like this-'do I deserve free music the rest of my life because I bought so much in the past?'-, yes or no will suffice; and if you can't answer it that way you should be in politics, imho.
What happened to the days when artists wanted their music played so they could sell albums? I rarely - almost never - buy something I hadn't heard.
Sorry if anyone's been trying to listen the last few days. I've been on a quest to rip my entire cd collection to two 1000GB hard drives and I can't run my station when I do that. Keep arguing though...I like that.