Can you recommend any Speaker cables for my system?

Hallo out there,
Can you recommend any speaker cables for my stereo system (
The price of the cable may not exceed 1000 usd.
I am using Synergistic Research with my Prodigy system and could not be happier
I have use the Dynaudio 52SE and really enjoyed the speaker. I used it primarily with the Nordost Super Flatline MK II. I have also heard it and prefered the Nordost Blue Heaven but at the time could not justify the extra expense.
What does your system sound like now with the present cabling? What are you hoping to accomplish with new cables. The Blue Heavens are fine if you need to add some resolution or brightness to your system but if your system is a bit tipped up they would be a disastrous choice.

I have been using Synergistic Research Resolution Reference FX for several years now, and since many folks are trading up to the Tesla line, you can most likely find a set of used S.R. cables to do the job. I even had a loaner set of (actually two sets) of Tesla's home for a couple of weeks, and they were a tad smoother, but not enough better for me to spend another $1500 or so on them.
The Resolution Reference are cables you can settle in and listen for the long haul, and work well with Dynaudio's. Look up The Cable Co., and check out their used cable storefront.
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Hi, Audioangel,
I would say they don't have a sound. They just sound like music. They make your system sound like you might have always thought it should sound. At least that's what they do for my system. The more my system has improved, the Synergistics have gone along, right in stride, showing each and every improvement, large or small. For me, I am content to just ride on them, I don't feel at all limited by my choice of cables, or any desire or need to change them. Most of my cabling is now SR, my last purchase being a three meter length of Tesla Vortex Analog cable, which is doing just the same job for my rapidly improving analog front end.
You may get a thousand different opinions, but these do the job for me. Night and day from what I had before, and I won't mention what they were, so as not to ruffle any feathers.

That's as much as I can tell you about them. Talk to The Cable Company, they are very knowledgeable in such matters, and they carry many different brands to choose from, new and used.

Best of luck, and good hunting,
Literally took months ordering, breaking in and auditioning speaker cables in the high performance to cost ratio category: Signal, Alpha-Core Goertz MI1, Speltz Anti-cable, Audio Art SC-5, Morrow Audio SP2, and Gregg Straley Reality Cables. For the money and in my system, the Reality Cables are the best. Transparent, musical, great tonality and timbre ... IMHO they just get it right. I no longer think about my speaker cables.
No question about it... for the Dyn's go with the Harmonic Tech Pro 9's or 11's. The 9's will give you slightly more bass. I use them both... the Pro 9 with Special 25's and the 11's with Silverline SR17's (dynaudio drivers).

Tony's right on! Pro9 and 11 are superb, and if you want to save some money, HT Fantasy are also excellent single copper crystal cables.