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Can you recommend any Speaker cables for my system?
No question about it... for the Dyn's go with the Harmonic Tech Pro 9's or 11's. The 9's will give you slightly more bass. I use them both... the Pro 9 with Special 25's and the 11's with Silverline SR17's (dynaudio drivers).CheersTony 
McIntosh amps with Dynaudio
I've been using a Audible Illusions Mod3a... however I traded it in for the new 3B so for now I'm going from my Wadia directly into the amp (not a sweet sounding, it loses the tube magic). Done right the AI will really sound nice (crio ultra low n... 
McIntosh amps with Dynaudio
Not quite a C4 but I love the Mac/Dynaudio combo…! I’ve been using a MC402 with my Special 25’s and the result is simply amazing. I’ve also used a MC352 with Silverline 17’s (which also use Dyaudio drivers) and I’m equally happy.CheersTony 
Conrad Johnson vs. McIntosh Tube Gear
Thought I haven’t used the new Triode amps, I’ve used both the Silver 60’s and Silver 90’s amps from Quicksilver with my Audible Illusions Mod3a preamp for some time (before selling the amps and going SS on the bottom). The midrange is as Mike poi... 
Conrad Johnson vs. McIntosh Tube Gear
Try a tube/ss combo and get the best of both worlds... I've had great success matching tube preamps with McIntosh SS amps. For example I use an Audible Illusions Mod3a preamp with a MC402 amp, I also use a CJ premier 14 with the MC352 amp. You get... 
Audible Illusions Modulous 3A & L2 Line Stage User
Baring the known deficiencies, these are wonderful sounding preamps. But you do need to consider the synergy with the rest of your setup, and adjust accordingly.I have AI Mod3a (with a custom 17” silver faceplate) that I’ve grown very fond of. I’m... 
Speaker connection to vintage gear???
I've been using the "output adaptor" by Prelude Audio Cables (not affiliated) with my vintage MC7270... works great. They seam to have been made for Mac's. Do a search on ebay.Tony 
Looking for a new "universal" player
I wouldn’t spend allot of money on a universal player with the HD wars underway. I’m using a low budget option for very good DVD-V playback (which doubles as a good, but secondary DVD-A and SACD player); the Pioneer Elite DV-79AVi, which can be ha... 
Good DAC for multiple sources
I run my digital cable box and a really cheap DVD into my Wadia 830 (modified by Great Northern Sound) using the Wadia’s digital input. I wouldn’t consider it mid-fi at all… nor was it cheap but it ROCKS. I’ve A/B a few other players including che... 
Pass Labs vs. McIntosh Preamps
Have you considered a tube preamp? I'm using a Audible Illusions m3a w/ my MC402 and it sounds great. Sorry I can't comment on the SS preamps. 
Favorite SS amp/Tube preamp combo
I've used the AI Mod 3 and now the Mod3A (updated 8/04) with McIntosh SS MC7270's in various configurations single amp, mono blocking 2x 7270's (540watts), biamping... Currently I've got the 7270 driving the lows and a Quick Silver 60 driving the ... 
Homage to Quicksilver Audio
I'm loving my Silver 60's, silver 90's, and the line stage.... Mike is first ratetony