Can you identify this cable

It is a digital coax, probably from the 80's or early 90's. The RCA ends are silver and the center positive looks like real silver.The wire its self is green and very skinny.It's a 0.5m.I can send a pic if you give me your email in a reply.

I was told probably Van Den Hul....but never confermed.

If it is not marked on the ic itself (cable), you probably have a fancy lamp cord.
Van den Hul never used silver RCA's, nor skinny wires.....

Oh, pish-posh . I got it while at a very elite audio store I worked at. Lamp cord.... thats pretty funny. I wish we could post pics...
'pish-posh"...wasn't she a Spice Girl? :-)

I thought you guys were the best of the best. Come on , skinny green wire haha isn't that enough. Lampcord, you should be ashamed of yourself. I've bought enough snake oil to know lampcord lol. I give up.

How about black pucks of ebony that help to correct the rotation of the probably know those lol

Thanx anyway KGGGGGGGG
Could it be an old Forcell digital cable? I seem to remember their digital cables matching your description.

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I take it that the elite audio store is gone?
.....And the worker didn't know a thing about what equipment was what?