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Favorite Female vocals that give you goose bumps
The new rising megastar from Africa: Fatoumata Diawara !She will be touring through the U.S. next month, so check this out. 
How do we remember 1970s amplifiers?
Sweet memories....I owned a Phase Linear 200B (which outperformed a Quad 405 in a straight shoot-out). 
What are you 'TRULY' Looking for in Loudspeaker...
The perfect speaker doesn't excist.....I would suggest you to listen to various good speakers, also very expensive systems (at shows, friends homes, dealers), just to find out what YOU think to be the most important features.If you have formulated... 
Who was the best jazz guitarist ever?
Still alive and kicking: Tuck Andress ! 
Heaven or Hell
I think this has to do more with the state of mind of the listener, than the performance of the stereo..... 
CD's vs Vinyl - Finally hear the difference
In 2010, mister van den Hul (the well known Dutch cartridge designer), paid a visit to my place.After having listened to some music, he stated: 'you have one of the few systems, where digital sounds as good as analogue'...... 
What is your favorite tv theme song/composition?
Love the tune of JAG ! 
The Blues....
Woke up this morning, with a smile on my face..... 
What CDP gets really close to vinyl?
What speaker for being close to rear wall?
Audio Note ! 
Review: APL Hi Fi NWO 4.0 Master Edition CD Player
My NWO-M arrived yesterday.Amazing level of performance ! 
Girlfriend's mom threw my Cardas out with trash
Next time, throw out you mother in law..... before she can unpack ! 
Why I like my home system better than live music
With unamplified music of small combo's, your home system can sound as good as live (in the optimal situation).Large unamplified (symphony) orchestra's will have a problem in your listening room, simply because you don't have the space of a concer... 
Windham Hill an audiophile label?
Another vote for the excellent Tuck & Patti albums.And..... this is no elevator music ! 
Designer Hall of Fame
From the Netherlands:Aalt-Jouk van den Hul (needles, cartridges and cables)Charles van Oosterum (Kharma)