can I damage my LPs by using a DJ setup -no scatch

Hi everyone,

I decided to go the route of a DJ setup to experiment and possibly entertain with an inexpensive DJ setup. I got 2 Numark TT1625 turntables with the factory cartridges, usually a 0.6 Mil spherical Diamond Tip with about 3 grams of tracking force. I plan on doing playback and back cuing only, no scratching.

Can a cartridge like this damage my LPs that I use on my non-DJ setup at home (in my System link)? If so, should I go to an Ortofon Omega that has an elliptical stylus and tracks at 1.75g?

No. you will not damage them. At 3 grams though, you will have more wear on your Lps than if you used a typical normal stereo cart.
Also the spherical tip is not audiophile at all, and nearly any typical regular cart will sound better with a eliptical or fancy cut stylus.
So you can use it.
if you plan on back cuing, USE the DJ stylus.
Got the tables setup today tracking at 2.5g. Sound pretty good and not a bad setup / sound for $250 with 2 direct drive tables, two channel mixer with iPod dock, some crappy headphones and a coffin road case. All new equipment. Maybe if I do a paid gig I will upgrade the cartridges...