Cambridge CXC with Arcam irDAC

Has anyone had experience with the CXC transport using the Arcam irDAC? How is the sound quality compared to other mid- higher end cd players? Thanks
I paired the CXC with the Gungnir.  Sound is more than OK, but didn't outdo my now long-in-the-tooth Bryston BCD-1.  The CXC works fine, but the remote is very frustrating. You get a one-size-fits-all remote that has minimal controls for the transport--no track selection, or various other useful functions.
I am waiting on a new CXC to arrive right now and am going to pair it with an older Wadia 26 or Theta DSP Pro Prime in a headphone system also will try in in my main system with a  Jadis tube dac and run it thru its course if you are interested in my take of it after I get some listening done I would be glad to drop you a message. It was a no brained at 389.00 from parts connection and am hoping for the best, at worst it will be a very cheap back up for my long in tooth Wadia 12 transport.

I am using a CXC with my Parasound Halo Integrated amp. It has a built in dac using the ESS 9018 chip. It sounds excellent through a Wireworld starlight digital coax cable. My only gripe is the minimal information on the display. It is the quickest loading cd player I have ever used. Well worth what you will be paying for it.