cable suggestions

I recently changed my speaker cable to analysis plus and am so impressed I am considering changing all interconnects to same (have audioquest at the moment) I recently purchased a Magnum dynalab tuner with Kimber cable wiring. Should I connect this with Kimber cable or go ahead and do all analysis plus? Thanks
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Hello, I have the Analysis plus crystal 8 speaker cables and love them. I had Audioquest diamonds and emerald interconnects also. They were a great combination. I've tried the Analysis interconnects and did not like them,tried the silver and copper.Felt the Audioquest interconnects were a better combination. Before you get rid of your Audioquests try the Analysis first if you can. I really like the Revelation paradise interconnects which have been putting into my system little by little,but am keeping my oval8 speaker cables. I realize cables are system dependent, but this has worked for mine.Hope this helps.Goodluck.
No experieince with Kimber but I did replace my Audioquest Anaconda (Interconnects) and Audioquest Volcano (Speaker)with all HGA (Home Grown Audio) DNA Interconnects and X32 Speaker cables. Realized a substantial improvement in dynamics and detail just much more organic sounding. I can feel the felt of the hammer hitting the string on the piano and a freshly rosened bow grabing a string on a violin.

The Audioquest products I owned just sounded more veiled.
I agree on the veiling the Audioquests exhibit(I've tried a few of their interconnects and speaker cables and still have a couple of their power cords). I've got Cary SLM-100s(modded) and I'm using Kimber Selects(silver), and Silver Audio Hyacinths throughout my system. I've used the KCAGs as well and found them excellent. The Selects are just a step up in the transparency, sound stage, liquidity race from the KCAGs. Try the Kimber Monocle XL or BiFocals for your speakers.