Any good looking Home theater/couch suggestions?

I am in the process of putting together a HT/stereo room together. I want to be able to seat 4 people comfortably. I was wondering if anybody has any stylish/comfortable suggestions. Most HT seating looks cheap and ugly. Budget is prolly $6k or so. Thanks!
Hjellegjerde has attractive, supportive home theater options in the Fjords line which should fit your budget.
I bought Eames Lounge Chairs with matching Ottom[e]n.* YOu can get the real ones at a very steep discount from an authorized dealer, rather than relying on shoddy knock-offs. The chairs are a classic, are extremely comfortable and look gorgeous in any environment, whether it is modern, or a mix of antique/eclectic. HIghly recommended, and unlike most 'used' furniture, it has a resale market if it is an authentic Eames/Herman Miller piece.

* I always wanted to open a store specializing in hassocks and ottoman-type footstools and call it the OTTOMAN EMPIRE. :)
You are on the right track. I agree that most HT seating looks cheap. The seating in our theatres should be as attractive and functional as the electronics. In my theatre, I use Hancock and Moore leather furniture ( Most furniture stores will agree that this is the best leather furniture on the market. I used two "chair-and-a-half's" with ottomans for the front row and a sofa for the second row. It seats four+dogs comfortably.
I actually don't recommend HT furniture as the headback block the sound from the rear speakers and provide a reflection point for two channel.. Low head backs like the Eames chair are ideal.. See my low couch that seats lots of people on my video system.