Int Amp suggestions for DYN S25

Hello, would apreciate some suggestions about INT AMP to drive DYN S25. Looking in the range of $2500 to $3000!
My taste of music ranges from, primarily Jazz, some Classical, and World Music.......
Thank you.
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The tri-vista (musical fidelity) is nice and ive seen it used for 3800 i know that thats a bit up there, but this would be my first choice
I would strongly recommend Primare A30.A. It is a killer. I sow one on today's listing for $1500
Thank you for all suggestions. I'm leaning towards a Bat VK300X SE, or a Mcintosh MA2275. I'm familiar with Bat products, but new with Mcintosh. This unit is relatively new on the market, couldn't find any reviews on it.
Thank you once again