Cable Loop.

Hi, I plan to upgrade to mono blocks. my speaker cable is 8 Ft. i want to place mono blocks in between speakers. I shall loop the speaker cable. I read somewhere that "avoid looping". Shall I go for shorter speaker cable? Does use of cable elevators make any difference? if looping occurs in Interconnect cables, does it degrade signal? thank you.
I fail to detect an issue w/ loops. Coils are another issue & a no no.
You can always give a cable (ic or spkr) a loop. That's "a" as in "one", and the bigger the better! More than one loop becomes a "coil" and that's when bad things can start to happen . . . . oops, Porziob beat me to it ;-)
who did your wall that is pretty cool
Cable elevators never did anything for my system...I have wood floors. I understand that they do work on carpets.
I did the wall. took photo from a temple in Himalaya Mountains in India. Original was painted some 2,500 years ago using color from tree leaves. it is exact replica.
the reason you need to elevate your cables on carpet is the carpet interupts the electricity flow from one end of the cable to the other. you should be fine on wooden floors without them. you dont have to buy expensive elevators. i made some out of pieces of 2x4