First Impression Music Cable Products

Hi, I was wondering if anybody has had a chance to audition any of the cable products from FIM. ( interconnects, speaker cable, and power cords) The good folks from Avalon have been recommending them on the Avalon Interact Forum. Thanks, any input would be greatly appreciated. Tom
I read the Avalon forum and also am curious about these products. The Web site has nothing on it about cables or anything other than their CDs. Odd.
Hi Drubin, Yeah I also went to the FIM web-site and found no info- on their cables. So I sent an e-mail to FIM giving them the details on my system and got a message from Winston recommending I start off with a set of their silver power cords for my BAT VK60 mono-blocks. They retail for $750 each, while not outrageous in price compared to what you can spend on power cords it's not cheap either. Paul Rubin from Avalon sounds quite excited about the sound quality of FIM cable products so I figure it's worth to put an ear on it. Maybe Carl knows something, he really seems to do his homework and I respect him for his enthusiasm and knowledge. If anybody has listened to these cables I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks again, Tom
Cables are really good! They have 2 power cords at this time..silver and Gold. 2 interconnects...Silver and Gold series and same for speaker cables. Great sounding high end cables and relatively cheaper than NBS. If you use these cables, you'd think that you've gotten a more powerful amp or your system's on steroids.
Trc, thanks for your kindness, but I suspect that since I don't own Avalon speakers, that any thoughts I'd have on these cables would mean very little, indeed. I do hope to try some NBS interconnects, though. Hopefully Monitor 3, and or King Serpent 2. My favorite ac cord for either my Rogue or Krell amps has been the SR Reference, beating out many others, including Black Mamba, and Magnan Signature.