Buying three hunderds 2$ classical CD in one week.

Since April 1st, I had bought 300 classical CDs from Amazon.

I already received following three sets of them .

Andre Cluytens is one of my favorite French conductors.

I already have some single albums conducted by him.

This one which I had kept more than 20 years, is also included in the sets.

This is one of the most beautiful classical vocal masterpiece.

It is too bad he died at the age of 62 due to cancer.

Otherwise he could leave more masterpieces.

Following albums are on the way.

David Oistrakh is one of the maestro of violin of the 20th centrury.

I had listened to "Spring" sonata played by him more than 20 times.

I had done DJ for classical music salon 40 years ago ( 1979-1981).

The music salon had a decent audio setup with Thorens turntable, Mckintosh pre , power amplifiers and Ac vintage speakers.

This morning, I received used Acoustic Revive’ RR-777 after reading rave review about it.

In my listening room it did not have substantial effect but only subtle effect in positive way.

Now I wish to go back to enjoying music rather than being audiophile.

When I was young, I loved "Martha Argerich" playing piano and wished to have her as my sweetheart although she is 18 years older than I.

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Now that I am old I still love Martha Argerich but now only for her piano playing sadly , she was a real beauty when she was young but her piano playing is still incendiary. Long may she reign. Regards Jim.
excellent collection. I have bought a lot classical box set. since I am also a Tidal member. I listen to Tidal more. 
@ jim204

Yes she was very attractive artist.

Her music was also very freshening.
Check out the Solti Box of his CSO Decca recordings?
 I also checked out Solti Box of his CSO.

Since I already have more than 10 single albums by Solti, I paid less attention to it.

But it appears to be good one.


Buying Cds -  Now,  that is what I am talking about! Enjoy the music.

Happy Listening!

I had totally missed the Living Stereo compilation—thanks for sharing!
Now if only we could have the 24/192 files...
@ jafant

Thanks a lot for your kind word.

With satellite internet, I can not use popular streaming service.

In the meantime, redbook CDs sound good enough in my system.

It is fun to do bargain hunting in CDs.