Bryston BP-6 vs EE minimax pre ?

Antone ever compare a BP6 to a NOS-ed minimax ?
Haven't heard the EE, but I own the BP6. From what I've read of the EE this looks like an apples-to-oranges comparison. Do you want absolute solid-state transparency or some tonal enhancement and tube magic? Never the twain shall meet. Best of luck.
Actually ,the EE is probaly the least "tubey' tube pre out there. A cameleon with different tubes but always more SS sounding.
I own the bp-6, and think it is underrated-it really needs very good sources to come in to its own-I have Avid tt with upgraded motor with an Audio mods arm, and a bda-1 dac, and the soundstage and air are gorgeous. Is generally not thought much of because it is generally heard with sources inferior to it--and it will definitely tell you about inferior sources.
Bp6 is superb. Too bad it doesn't come with a remote...
I own both, the bp-6 sounds good but is easily overloaded by the dynamic range of classical, The EE sounds better in every way.
I had the EE and regret selling it.