Bryston 4bst vs. Proceed HPA2

Any thoughts on these 2 amps for a system consisting of a Proceed avp-s and revel perorma f-30's. They are both excellent amps. I have A/B'd them and the Bryston seems more dynamic and pleasant to listen to but the Proceed more refined and smooth. These are being used in a system for 50/50 ht/2 channel. Any thought or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks
I BELIEVE (don't know) Proceed is being discontinued by Madrigal so I would, er, proceed with caution. If I have incorrect information my apologizes in advance, and would be happy to be corrected. Look at the newer Bryston 4bsst for a nice combo of the two sounds.
I can only comment on the Bryston 4Bst since I own one; never have listened to a Proceed. The Bryston is a dynamic and very pleasing amp with plenty of muscle to drive any load.

Bryston amps are highly rated in many user and publication reviews, with a company that stands behind each unit it makes. Bryston gives each of their components a 20 year transferable warranty. This comforts the idea of buying a amp either new or used.

The recent Stereophile had a review on the 7Bsst, and the reviewer had actually prefered the older 7Bst over the newer one.

Buy the amp thats a good match for you, because everyone including myself has different likes and dislikes. You will be the final judge. Good luck.

I would weigh in on the Bryston side as well. What I did
Dp37, was to sell my Bryston BP-25 preamp, and buy a
Granite Audio 657 (tube) cdp and run direct into my 4B-ST
Wow, what a difference. Silkly smoooooth slam.
Run your HT off a separate Receiver, you can pick up killer
HT units cheap, they only change models about every 15 days.
I'm using a 110(wpc)5.1 Yamaha system that is absolutely
awsome, remember it's mostly dialog and sound effects.
For what it's worth, Revel used the HPA-2 amp when 'voicing' the F30 speakers. The F30's are a bit forward, as is the Bryston. The Proceed leans the other way, so while the Bryston will excel in some set-ups, paired with the F30's, neither will shine as brightly as possible.