Bryan Adams nice

Lately I've been spending time you tube looking for live performances of various rock artists/bands. I stumbled on a compilation of 44 songs from different shows - Bryan Adams. Many songs were familar but some other songs I heard for the first time. He has an extensive list of songs. He can put on a great performance solo strumming an acoustic guitar or rock it out with a band. Made me realize what a great performer, writer.... artist he is. Looked up tour dates for 2013 but he's not coming to MA, CT so I'm out of luck for this year. Bummer. Hopefully he comes around in 2014. Would be great to hear him perform for the NFL super bowl versus some of the other groups we've seen in the past decade. Just my 2 cents!!!!!!!
Bryan would indeed be a good Super Bowl act. I have also enjoyed some of his Youtube videos. I think he is under-appreciated as a performer in certain circles but I'm sure he has a strong core following of old fans and can still fill concerts. I would consider going to see him.
Bryan Adams is a very talented guy and gets an undeserved bum rap by many IMHO. Check out his MTV Unplugged recording! Sterling sound and performances. The version of "Summer of '69" on there is outstanding, much better than original for me and the highly appreciative crowd adds a lot of energy to the proceedings.
Saw him solo about 3 years ago at a 900 + seat venue. He was really great. Very talented !
My wife and I got to attend the Bare Bones performance on 1/21 at the Knight Theatre in Charlotte recently. I have seen him a number of previous times, but never solo acoustic. It was an outstanding performance and just a plain fun night. You could hear how talented he is and even better, it was obvious he was enjoying the moment, not just going through the motions for a paycheck.

If you can catch him while he's touring, it's one of the great buys in Rock.