ryan adams "demolition"

i suprisingly picked up this disc yesterday at a used cd store. apparently a 2002 release. it must be demos or cutouts or something. several great cuts but nothing like his previous 2.
It is a good CD. I just recently saw him in Nashville and he only played 3 songs off the new CD, and they were all laid back tunes. The whole show was pretty laid back. He was very, very good when he sang and played. In between songs he acted like an immature drunk kid. His biggest stunt was to cuss out and throw out a guy who yelled "play Summer of '69." His behavior was unacceptable. He has a lot of growing up to do. Strange that his lyrics and music could seemingly be so mature but he is not. I have never seen a profession artist be so inconsiderate. None of his antics were even funny. Hot boxing cigarettes, drinking wine, talking in crazy sentence fragments, he was a real pain!!!!!!
Yeah, I agree with you, Bufus. I love Ryan's music but he is a complete asshole poseur. There was recently a "Music in High Places" segment on him on cable/satellite TV and you could tell from that what an arrogant bad-tempered jerk he is. I don't know why he feels he has to adopt this "rock and roll" persona to perform his otherwise great songs. It's like he's read too many old Rolling Stones profiles of the original bad boys of rock and has decided to emulate. Oh well, his music is exceptional. I really like the Demolition disc and all the other recent ones he's been coming out with. He writes songs like others write grocery (or CD) lists.
He is a real talent but to add to the stories above I saw him about 4 years ago with his previous band Whiskeytown and he was indeed on another planet-he rushed off stage and threw up.
I haven't heard the new one but it is indeed a compilation of unreleased stuff -he had some 4 complete albums he didn't care to release.
I just saw him a few weeks ago at the Beacon Theatre in New York and he is a talented man. He did not interact well with the audience. His arrogance gets in the way of his natural ablity.

Demolition is by far his weakest release. His best, in my opinion, is Heartbreaker. He played almost every song from that album at his live show. As others have previously mentioned the cuts on Demolition are taken from four albums of material that he wrote between the release of Heartbreaker and the release of Gold. I assume that some of the better material from that period appears on Gold. The rest of the material is not as strong and so we have an album comprising of filler cuts.

Let us hope for a better album next time.
I have been collecting Ryan Adams boots since he was in Whiskeytown. The man is talented, but definitely immature and a jerk. I have many shows were he goes off on an audience member or on a stage hand. I can't listen to some of his live shows when the kids are home because of his swearing tirades... but, hey, it's only Rock 'N Roll.

WOW this is unusual EVERYONE dislikes this punk- its seldom we audiophiles agree on something. I was intrigued by his music but will never buy a CD or go to one of his shows after reading this, he is an entertainer/musician, if you can not entertain and treat those supporting you with respect then you can live your life with out any of my $$. I don't care how good he is
I went to the nashville show a couple of weeks ago, and was very disapointed. I loved his whiskeytown albums, but his concert kind of put a bad taste in my mouth.

I almost hate to resurrect this thread, since Ryan Adams is so obviously a pissant jerk that he deserves as little attention as possible, even of this sort. He deserves to fade into obscurity as soon as possible. However, I could not help sharing this little nugget from Greil Marcus' column in Salon.com:

3) "Piss off Ryan Adams, win a prize!" (Oct. 17)

The tale of Ryan Adams' response to a fan who shouted out for Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" -- Adams screaming, demanding the house lights be turned on, identifying the offender, paying him $30 as a refund for his ticket and refusing to play until the guy left the hall -- even made it into Time. But not the response of songwriter Robbie Fulks, on his Web site: "Any reader on this site who attends a Ryan Adams show and disrupts the show with a Bryan Adams song request will receive in return merchandise" -- T-shirts and autographed CDs -- "of his or her choice equal to the cost of the ticket, from my online store ... please provide the date and location of the show, what you yelled, and what Ryan's reaction was."

So, there you have it. Almost worth the price of admission to request "Cuts Like a Knife" just to see what might happen, isn't it?
Waltersalas, thank you for that tidbit! Robbie Fulks, whom I've also seen in person, is such a class act, as well as a brilliant songwriter and performer. His offer raises him even higher in my esteem! Maybe Ryan just needs an antidepressant, he is TOO irritable.
As a guy who posted on Adam's odd behaviour in Glasgow a few years back I think we shouldn't get too carried away.
The guy is a real talent and his voice that night was amazing,the music is the music.
If we were to avoid every artist who threw a wobbly,acted like a "superstar",dissed his audience,treated people bad including their wives then our record collections would be pretty empty.
He has made a real ass of himself recently but he is comparitively young and I think he'll make some more great music in the future.