Bryan Adams - Bare Bones Tour

I attended his performance last night at The Bushnell in Hartford CT.
Just Bryan and a piano player. I was really impressed with his voice - range, tone, power. Sounds pretty much the same as he did in the 1980s. He's written so many songs over the last three decades. Highly recommended.

I find it interesting that some performers seem to hold onto their voice well into their 50s, even 60s while other singers loose 'it' in their late 40s. Lifestyle and genetics sure come into play.

I was also smacked in the face with a realization I'm middle aged. Roughly 80% of attendees were about 40 > 60 years old, myself included of course. Life just seems to pass us by while we enjoy music and concerts.
I really like Bryan Adams sound too. I'm glad to hear that his voice is holding up. And I agree, some of it is lifestyle, but mostly I think it is genetics.
I Saw him solo about 3 years ago. It was a concert I chose because my wife would like it. He blew me away though. I was not expecting it at all. Saw him open for Journey in the 80's, but I can't tell you a thing about that night. Well, maybe just one thing.