Bose 301 modifications

Okay, dont laugh too hard........I'm new to the forums and have a question to pose for the experts.  I find myself in possession of two pairs of Bose 301's.  Yes, I'd like to put gasoline on them and strike match BUT....I like to experiment with things too.  Does anybody have any ideas (other than my previous one) on how to improve the sound ie swapping out the speakers inside the enclosure.  My 14 year old daughter wants me to install a stereo in her room and I thought that since I have the 301's I might be able to soup them up a little.  
The 301's were in a room of a dorm mate in the 70's.
They were pretty nice for the time. 

If anything, I would just add a subwoofer to the system. Bose were always bass shy.
What are you using with them?
+1 for the added Subwoofer suggestion.That will HP that setup nicely
Using an old school SAE amp and pre-amp.  I'm not looking to add to them ie sub-woofer, I'm looking at taking them apart and putting something different in the holes and on the standoff mounts.  Thanks for the input though.