Bookshelf speakers that renders 3D soundstage

Recently I am on a quest to find a pair of bookshelf speakers under $2k that will render 3D soundstage.  The soundstage does not need to be much wider than the speakers that are approximately 7-8 ft apart but, within the soundstage, I am particularly looking for the decent depth, focus image and pinpoint instrument/vocal separation.  The other sound trait I am particularly looking for is the nimble, agile bass that could go down to around 45 Hz -3dB.  The pairing amplification is going to be Parasound A23.  If you have experienced / auditioned that, please let me know.


I haven't heard any true bookshelf speakers that could do a 3D soundstage.

As for any that go down to 45 Hz (-3dB), well, that's another huge ask for under $2k.

Your best bet might be to check the overachieving Q Acoustics 3030i (46Hz (-3dB).


To really get that disappearing speaker 3D effect you should take a look at something like the Q Acoustics Concept 300s.

Bear in mind that they only go down to 55Hz and they're over $2k, but with their advanced cabinets they should be a clear improvement over the 3030is.


In fact the only speakers I can think of that might truly fit the bill would be the Wharfedale Elysian 2s (35Hz) but they cost $7k and you would need a pretty large bookshelf.


Vandersteen VLR's are one of the sleepers out there.

They might look small and simple, but they can really rock with the right equipment. Add a Sub 3 and you are competing with floorstanders, and at a lower cost. Put them near corners, and you probably won't even need a sub.


Bass is room dependent. The evos are already a pretty large standmount with good extension. There are not many standmounts known for going low. I would consider adding a sub if that is a requirement since you have the rest of what you are seeking in the evos already. One other speaker to consider is the Philharmonic BMR Monitor. Great sound and it has extension in spades.

That is easy ,my next speaker the MBL 126 with matching stands.

i will use my Svs 4000-sb subs and it’s a world class Loudspeaker system.

In your price range I would try the Monitor Audio Silver 100’s.  They are extremely well reviewed and go low for a bookshelf.  I have the left, right and center versions in my living room AVR setup and they sound pretty good, though the room setup is nowhere near ideal.  The source is a Sony STR-ZA810ES AVR, suffice to say not an expensive audiophile unit.