Bookshelf speakers for Linn Classik?

I'm putting together an office system, picked up a Linn Classik and would like some opinions on small monitors that would mate nicely with the Classik. Primarily rock music, but I'm not a bass freak, midrange is what counts to me. The system will be the Linn receiver, using the 10 gauge Linn wire provided with the Classik. No interconnects, this unit is an amp/preamp/tuner/CDP all in one. The monitors will be sitting on shelves attached to the wall, need to be no bigger than 10" deep by 9" wide. The Classik Power Output: 75W per Channel into 4ohms (nominal mains). Budget for the speakers, $500 used. Any and all opinions are very much appreciated. Best, Jeff
Coincident Triumph fit the bill.Codell in Montreal rep them in your area.
You can't go wrong with a pair of Tukan's. They can be found in the used market for a decent price. If buying new is your goal then Katan's
Jeff: I would stick with Linn speakers as they sound good with rock (other music as well) and have the advantage of being able to image when placed as close as 6" to the wall. The Kans are less expensive and good, but the Tukans are better. $500 is a good used price for them and they do come up on the market. The Tukans (if you ever get the bug with this setup) can be bi-amped with an additional Linn amp and their active crossover and the sound will give most high end systems (that are not full range) a run for the money. This is an expensive proposition, but worth it, IMO, if you ever decide to go this route.
Leafs, the Coincident's look interesting, but the footprint is a little too big for the wall mounted stands I have (the speakers are 12" deep, the stand is only 10" deep). I may go with a pair of Linn speakers, I'm a Linn newbie and never thought to buy any of their stuff but I'm impressed with the Classik. Once you get past the Linn stigma and their stupid names they come up with for their stuff, it's actually pretty musical gear. As for speakers I've owned in the past, well, quite a laundry list. Mission, Apogee Duetta's, Celestion 700's, Spica Angelus, Martin Logan Quest Z's, Martin Logan Aerius, Totem Rokk, B&W DM302's, B&W 601's, B&W LM1's, Mirage, and Gallo. Being the adventerous type I'll try to find a deal on a pair of Tukan or Katan's and go from there. Thanks all, Jeff
Check out the Alon Petite. I use them in my kitchen with a Linn Majik and Linn K20 biwire. Coherent, smooth, fabulous silk tweeter, zero fatigue.