Best bookshelf speakers under $1,000 for NAD amps?

I have a NAD C160 pre-amp, a NAD C270 amp and a NAD C521BEE CD player.

I like the warm, liquid sort of sound and listen to a wide range of music.

With very limited space, (12'x16' room) bookshelf size speakers seems appropriate, can anyone recommend a good match for the NAD amps?
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Dynaudio Audience 50 or 52
Had them both over many years with a NAD 370 and never failed to enjoy all sorts of music.

Paradigm Studio 20 was a great match for years with my NAD equipment, and in a room about the size of yours.
psb partners with nad very well.
I have a pair of ERA D5 with a NAD 375bee integrated. Works very well. Great speakers; sound, looks and build all first rate.
proac 1sc's
used Linn Katans maple. The only small speakers that really impressed me. Big soundstage, and much beter if you want to go active later on.
Take a look at the Sound Dynamics 300ti here on the GON , for $225.00 they are a steal! You would have to spend a lot more to beat them and if you didn't care for them you could resell and make most of your money back. Their a little large for bookshelf but need to be placed on 12 in. stands for best sound. I don't know the seller but I have heard the 300ti's and was amazed at the sound.
I agree with Ltodd in his recommendation of the Paradigm Studio 20s. You may also consider the Studio 40s. I had a NAD/ Paradigm Studio 40 v.3 setup at one time. The Paradigms can tend toward a bright sound; a good match with the warm sounding NAD.
Ill agree with the others here, Paradigm studio 20's
The PSBs are in the same general school of design as the Paradigms, but I prefer them for a little more smoothness, linearity, and inner detail. For stand-mounted, you could go with their Image B25, but I think you'd get a better match for the room and more bass extension with a small tower from that series such as the Image T45. It's only 36" tall and 7" wide.
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Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 but they are more neutral than warm.
Onix Reference 1 Monitor Speaker. Still a great value used between $500.00 and $600.00
Paradigm studio 20s and DALI Lektor 2s.
Look at the Rega R1 and the B&W CM1.
I still have my Alon Petites in a system for our home gym. I originally used them with an NAD integrated (Sorry - don't remember the model number) in a medium-sized den and they were great - very dynamic and musical. Now using them with an all-Myryad system and still love 'em. There is a pair PLUS a center available right now on Audiogon that looks like a very good deal, well below $1K. When I saw the ad, I actually started to think about where I could use another small system in the house. They are that good! I recall that they were reviewed very highly by Stereophile. If you get them, I highly recommend bi-wiring them.

Here's the link:

Good luck!
Av123's ELT525M cherry finish are on sale for $175 a pair.

Great bargain. Spend the rest of the money on music.