Bookshelf vs Floorstanders

I see a lot of good systems in sizeable rooms being run with bookshelf speakers. I'm looking to upgrade my speakers in my HT, and have pretty much been looking exclusively at floorstanders. Do floorstanders generally outperform bookshelf speakers, given the needed space? Is there an appropriate time to look at one or the other, or is it pretty much just up to taste? Maybe this comes down to 2 way vs 3 way... I don't know.
hi,This question has been debated for years, in simple terms mini bookself speakers in my opinion is my preference in two channel audio to me thay are more transparent,image better and throw a nice soundstage.Floorstanders are to me more dynamic better tonal balance but to me it all depends on your musical taste.I have owned both mini moniters and floorstanders.I am a mini moniter guy, but then again it all comes down to preferenc. Good luck.
I almost never prefer mini-monitors. Well-designed floor standers can have just as good imaging and resolution and take up the same space when you consider stands for the minis. Additionally, with floorstanders the designer makes a woofer section that integrates well with the midrange and highs and you don't need to try mating a subwoofer, which almost never has equal results (although a separate sub could have greater ultimate extension). The best things I can say about minis is that they're cute and easy to ship.

Mind you, I was impressed with the Mark & Daniel monitors, which haver pretty good bass as-is, and could be an exception to the rule.
I my opinion monitors will sound good in any room. That being said I would also say monitors do not have the frequency ranges of floorstanders. Add a sub and you may exceed the range of most floorstanders. And floorstanders (I would also consider them fuller range) will not sound to their fullest potential in a small room. Just my opinion from my own personal experiences.
hi me again just wanted to say subs can very well be intergrated with moniters. Done properly can be amazing.any well made floorstander will image resolve good thats what you pay for but in general doolar for dollar moniter speakers image and are more transparent for example years ago i owened proac 1.5s and also owened proac 1sc at the time the 1.5s were 3000.00 and 1sc was 2100.oo add stands 400.00 total 2500.00 basicly the same speaker 1.5 floor stander 1sc momiter without a question the 1sc throw a bigger more airey soundstage,more transparent and much better imaging. that does not mean thay were better than the 1.5 but thay did the above better the 1.5s went down lower and more dynamic again it is all a matter of preference.all personal taste again good luck
Look, if your going to be serious about this hobby/sickness you need to get both. I have been using a pair of monitors for about two months now and just this evening though I'd get the Kestrels out of the closet. They are singing now. They'll probably be in for a month or two and I'll go back to the Soliloquys.
Yep, get a pair of each and enjoy.
Timrhu, That sounds familiar.

I have found it is easier to get good sound out of a monitor speaker and if you want to integrate a subwoofer or two you get the best of both worlds providing you select the right sub.

Floor standing speakers with generous bass can be the most difficult speakers to adapt to your room, usually requiring room treatment even in the best rooms.
It is important to select a speaker based on your room size. Very large speakers need a very large room.

I have been at this for a long time. Long enough that I can look at pictures of systems and know what kind of sound they are getting.
I see giant speakers on the short wall jammed up against the side walls with a sofa in front of each speaker. I know that system has some depth, but no width. It has some deep bass, but no midbass. The system is significantly out of balance due to side wall reflections and furniture made of synthetics in close proximity to the speakers. These are very expensive systems. Unfortunately the owner is not getting his money's worth because the system was not properly matched to the room.
In an average size room (approximately 14'X20') a speaker the size of a Vandersteen 2Ce or Maggie 1.6 is plenty big. In rooms smaller than that you may want to go with a monitor on stands. Larger speakers will only give you problems.