Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue

Finally listened to my new Blu-spec copy of Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". I consider this version of "Kind of Blue" outstanding. If you 1. like this album and 2. have a CD based system I would recommend seeking this one out. I think you will be happy.
thanks for the heads up but this is Sony's latest attempt to create yet another proprietary format (think SACD) that's going to fall flat on it's face...optical discs are on the verge of being replaced by streaming media. I refuse to keep buying the same copies of music over and over anymore...been there done that.
Larryken, truer words have never been written. BluRay is our Laserdisc. I have started just collecting vinyl, and converting it to digital with new albums for the convenience of using it in my car, or on my music server (AppleTV). The wife is afraid of the turntable so she has to have everything on AppleTV. She actually will make me play all vinyl when I get home from work.
Sony has come out with so many terrific advancements like DAT, Betamax, SACD, and BluRay that's it's hard to fault them for the technology advancements. However, from a consumer's standpoint, their products have a short lifecycle and are sunsetted too quickly, IMO.

Overall, I agree with the position of not supporting BluRay as far as purchasing software, although once player prices come down, it'll be easier to make the decision to buy the hardware.
I need to be honest, I am going to buy an Oppo BluRay when it comes out, even though I am not a true believer. It's just too cool that is will be truly universal player. Need something to play my now dead SACD's, DVD-Audio's, DVD's and soon to be dead BluRay. It's just too poetic.
This is not a BluRay disc. It is a regular old redbook CD that sounds excellent. As I mentioned in my initial post, recommended for those with CD based systems only.
BTW: I'm not doing BluRay either.....
I'm sick of the "merry-go-round" as well!
Yeah, OOPs again... Lonely night at the apt?
Everyone sell me your old tech SACD's,Dvd-A's cheap and jump on the Blu-Spec Bandwagon.Guess I'll be buying K O B and Blue Train again and many of the usual suspects.I need help.JD
where is this disc available? i might purchase it just because my copy of kind of blue is crazy hissy. is this new blue spec release "quieter"?
Released 12/24/08 in Japan and now OOP. Just the best redbook CD version of this title I have heard and meant as a heads-up for anyone who might be interested. Never intended to start any controversy over formats or whatever. Certainly not to be construed as an endorsement of Sony or Blu-Ray (or even Miles Davis for that matter).
I've never been sure if that "hiss" was a result of rubbing a brush around on the snare, from the recording process or both. Maybe some one could illuminate us on this point.

I have other jazz CDs where I'm pretty sure the sound's coming from a brush. Whatever though, it can drive you crazy.
Blu-Spec Kind Of Blue sounds outstanding,very detailed,a few db's louder than the SACD. On my system I like the warmth of the SACD a little better,both very good in different ways.The label on the Blu-Spec KOB CD is outstanding.Columbia 6 eye record label in Red and Chrome,very detailed.JD
I have the Blue Spec Sony Jazz sampler. The tracks are very well know jazz fav by Miles Davis, Weather Report, Dave Brubeck, Thelenious Monk, Duke Ellington, etc. There is 2 cds with the same masters. One is with regular CD and one is Blue Spec. Me and my friend clearly prefer the Blue Spec CD
and never had these familiar tracks sounded so good, I have some of these tracks on vinyl and its not often that CD sounds nearly as good as the best Vinyl.
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Blu-Spec2 release coming 9/11/13. I have absolutely no idea how significant the difference from Blu-Spec will be if any.
I'm just about finished buying Kind Of Blue. Besides, the K2 HD version is very, very nice.
Got Hendrix Electric Ladyland in blue-spec2. Very good!!
Al booklet text in Japanese!