best $200 blu-ray for streaming Netflix

Can anyone recommend a blu-ray player for less than $200 for quality streaming of Netflix. I was ready to order a Sony BDPs570 when several reviewers mentioned it's wi-fi streaming was spotty.
You should be able to get something cheaper that works just fine. My BDP-1600 Samsung retailed for more than $200 and was on sale last Xmas for $90. Just keep your eyes open, tis the season to get deals.
Roku XDS if you have dual N band wifi is great or Roku XD if just regular wifi. Then just get a $100 blu ray player.
have an lg bd-390
its streaming works flawlessly. slightly older model, should be able to find one less than$100, wireless setup easy as pie.
$99 for an awesome little device that has Netflix, streams Internet radio, streams your iTunes library and can be controlled with your iPad or IPhone. Who needs the blu-ray part?
Yes, that would be the apple tv. I have two (one older, one newer) and an Oppo for Blu-ray. The Apple TV in high-def is pretty awesome, but it's not blu-ray.
We have a Samsung that was $125 at Costco maybe a year ago, has been working fine w/ Netflix. Hardwired via ethernet.
IMO All wifi streaming is spotty at best. I went with the Sony S470 and put a gig switch in my audio rack. Feeds my bluray, media center pc and TV. I have tried many bluray players so far and for streaming ability the Sony has been the best so far.
I do wireless streaming via a Roku player and a wireless-N router. The streaming has been flawless for the past couple of years.

Roku player $60

Blu Ray player $100

You will come in below your $200 budget with flying colors.
Jig -- Apple TV 2nd generation. I use it with a wireless N router and the streaming has been flawless.