Bloodline-"Bloodline" Smokin' Joe Bonamassa

I just received the CD Bloodline-"Bloodline". It was released back in 1994, but I had never heard of them.

I've really gotten into Joe Bonamassa, (thanks Theo) and this was his first band. He is actually billed as "Smokin' Joe Bonamassa" on this album and was only 17 or 18 years old. The other members of Bloodline are the sons of Miles Davis, Berry Oakley, (Allman Brothers) and Robbie Kreiger, (The Doors). Thus the name Bloodline, I guess.

This CD mixes hard driving blues with killer southern rock-n-roll. They only did this one album. It has become one of my favorite albums of all time.

It's kind of hard to find and it's pretty pricey used, but IMHO, well worth the search and price.
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Bonamassa's a monsta! I read recently that his new recording with his latest band; Black Country Communion, is LIVE! Haven't got it yet but I'm expecting nothing short of greatness!
Just before logging on, I listened to (and watched) Joe Banamassa at The Royal Albert Hall DVD. You won't see many shows better than this one!
The thing about Joe is that he's a total jerk. I've met him and my brother in law has played with him. He's more arrogant than people with twice his talent and 100 times the money. It's hard for me to listen to him after this. His style is very easy for me to get sick of, kind of like Eric Johnson. This is my opinion only and I'm not trying to insult anyone or influence anyone who's never heard him. I think he's a good guitar player who poorly executes his talent. He's a show boater.
Check out Joe with Beth Hart - on vinyl no less - 'Don't Explain'. A very god pairing of talents that play off of each other.
I have really started to appreciate some of Joe B's music. Not all. I rarely buy music dvd's but would second the recommend of his bluray at the royal albert hall. It is really spectacular.
You're welcome Mofi, and thank you I have it playing now...again. I find it amazing that Joe Banamassa has been around for years and I just recentley discovered him. I can't help but wonder what other talent I am missing. As an example, the other night I was looking for someting to watch on Netflix and came across a concert video of a jazz guitarist, Chieli Minucci and his band Special EFX. I definitly have a new road to explore with his music. One at a time and pray we live long enough to find the majority of them.