Black Sand Cable Power Cords How Good?

How good are the Black Sand Cable power cords? I want to upgrade my stock power cords on my integrated amp and cd player. I have been reading some very positive comments on these cords. I would appreciate any comments from current and previous owners. Budget around three to five hundred for each cord. Thanks.

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FWIW, look at this review:

I don't know if there is a Black Sound Violet power cord or they mean Black Sands Violet.

Also take into account, if it is the Black Sands, what the cost of the other power cords are that the reviewer is comparing it to. That says something itself of the company the reviewer believes its in.

I've never heard a Black Sands power cord, so I have no personal experience with them.
Also FWIW, there are several reviews, mostly positive, over at audio circle. I bought a violet zII at auction here to try out, but sold it recently as it was not as good in my system as other cords I tried (have a used audience and several kaplan cords, in similar price range). it may have been the oyaide 004 terminations, but black sand was a little bright in my system. others seem to like it quite well though
there is a 30 day trial period, so can try for the cost of shipping
Own a variety of Black Sand cords from the old Black Gold on up. Very happy with all of them and never will sell them. You will not find a better company for outstanding customer service and support. One of the best A'Gon sellers with great pricing, high quality, value, etc.
I'll second what Waveman says about Black Sands's outstanding customer service, and high quality products. One thing I really like about Black Sand is that you can choose from different brands of high quality terminations... and their willingness to consult is very helpfull. Their MK V cabes are very good, and their Statement cables are over the top.
Here's a link to a shootout/review of various PC's that I did a while ago. The Black Sands cables are very nice indeed, but it also depends on where you use them, and the cleanliness of your power, and ...

I really like Kaplan cables. The copper cord is pretty much a "universal" cord that can be used anywhere. Clean, clear, with great tone.

Tweekgeek on this site sells them. Try before you buy.
Are you guys still using Black Sand Cable(s) ?
As above -

Krell Man provides a link to a dagogo review of the Stage III Concepts PC. These PC(s) are outstanding, costly yes, delivers the musical goods, absolutely!
Never even heard of these hope they are in business next year!!
Geez, they've only been around like forever.
I'll be taking the plunge and order 4 Violet Z1 Carbon Edition power cords. I've been emailing John (Black Sand Audio) back and forth all day. Great guy! Answered all of my questions and the best part, he's a dealer for a majority of the gear that I own, so he know what works best for my system. Also, John doesn't try to be a 'used cars salesman' and works within your budget. Kudos to the small companies like Black Sand Audio!

keep me posted on how you like the Black Sand PC.
I am interested in buying one of these model(s) -
but there is not a lot of intel nor reviews ?

Happy Listening!
@fuzzfriendly , any feedback yet on the Violet Z1 Carbon Edition cords?

an update?
I love my Carbon Editions AC cables from John. Amazing build quality and unbelievable customer service. Kudos to John @ Black Sand Audio. 

Since I received the AC cables, I've been thinking about asking John to make some interconnects and speaker cables for me. It would be nice to have a matching system. 

I'm currently using Morrow Audio 5-series for my interconnects and speaker cables. Has anyone had the chance to demo Black Sand Audio cables against Morrow Audio? I'm looking for best bang for the buck. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated.