Binding post replacement suggestions

Trying to keep price around $100 for a set of 4 post. Did not realize there are so many materials and coatings involved in binding post. Looking at Cardas, WBT, Vampire, maybe furutech. I don't mind cleaning post ever so often if I used all copper with no coating post. Any suggestion best bang for buck post that will not alter sound just provide less veiled sound without having to solder speaker wire straight into crossover wire, thanks

Love the Cardas, use them in majority of projects required 
+One on the copper Cardas binding posts.
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Cardas copper for great sound and affordable. Tried and true! 
+2 on the Cardas Copper - my favorite
If not those, you might like these below that are very close to your price range and have a solid copper connector:

Cardas posts are better than brass posts but are not as good sounding as low mass posts from WBT or Furutech, WBT being my favorite. They make a surprisingly noticeable  difference and are worth the investment. 
Paul, the WBT low mass are as close to soldering the speaker cable to the crossover wire as you can get. If you look at a pic of them you can see it's a copper ribbon that is gold plated. Instead of soldering directly to the WBT you can actually put the internal wire sideways on the ribbon and fold over and then crimp the connector, and only add solder after. It's a great sounding connection. 
I will check out the WBT
my great sounding Ayre amp came with Cardas silver and clamps down with mega torque....
but I have an open mind and ear

what is the WBT pert number ?????

Looks like Cardas and WBT are some favorites, there both in my price range. My concern with WBT is crimping wire does this  mean it's a little tricky to remove if crossover needs to be removed in the future? The monitors these will be going in were bought for second system with the intent to mod, changing caps, wire and dampening in the future. If anyone compared Cardas and WBT sonics did you notice treble was tipped up, or veiled, one vs the other. 

I had the WBT posts on my Acoustic Imagery Ncore amplifiers and experimented with internal hook-up wire.  I used the Furutech gold crimp sleeves shown in the link below and they worked great....made a secure connection that could be removed as-needed.  If you look at the connector end of the WBT binding posts, they are set up for this type of connection.