Best value turntable under 1k

Looking to start an analog system and need some advice on a turntable under $1000. I'm going to be getting the Jolida JD9A phono stage. Any advice is appreciated.
Rega is closing out their P5 model. Most places are selling these new for $995. Excellent table and arm and a great price!
You may be able to pick up a used VPI Scout here for around a grand.
Rega P5 - Closeout. Mine sounds fantastic with the Jolida JD9A!
The Scout and the P5 are both great options. You may have trouble finding a Scout for under 1K, and the closeout P5's are becoming harder to find (Needle Doctor and Audio Advisor have already run out).

Good Luck
I noticed that. Can't find any.
Take a look at this one:
He may work with you on his asking price, But I would call him rather than e-mail him.
The Rega P5 is a better deck than the P3-24. However, I think the P3-24 with the TTPSU sounds a good bit better than a bare P5. I've heard both side by side a few times.

Just throwing that out there as I see closeouts for the P3-24 with TTPSU at places like Music Direct. If the P5 isn't around anymore, this may be a great alternative.