Best used SS 100 - 150wpc for a grand or less?

Any thoughts regarding a 100 to 150wpc solid state that can be had used for $1,000 or less? The amp would drive Vandersteen 2ce Signatures along with an ARC SP9 MKII and Upsampled Njoe Tjoeb 4000. Thanks in advance.
There are several amps that meet your criteria, such as those made by Adcom, Rotel, and Parasound -- but the one I'd seriously consider is the Bryston 3B-ST (150 wpc). And if you can pony up only a couple of hundred extra dollars, you might be able to get the 4B-ST (250-300 wpc). Both of these amps are very clean, and work very well with Vandy speakers.
I would bet that a McCormack DNA 1, DNA 1 Deluxe would sound great in your system. Plenty of power for the Vandies. Its a very good SS amp under $1k.
I have a Threshold S/300 stasis driving my 4ohm Thiels.
150 wpc 8ohm 300 wpc 4ohm
This amp is in your price range.
It drives the Thiels with ease.
Aragon 8008ST, Classe CA-150, and McCormack DNA-1(or DNA-1 deluxe), come quickly to mind, as well as the above mentioned Bryston's. I've heard several systems sound good with the McCormack/Vandersteen combination. Good luck and happy hunting.
I would agree with the McCormack suggestions, I have used Vandersteen 2ce's with DNA 0.5 Deluxe amps with great success. Vandersteen's were often paired with McCormack amps at shows too.
Musical Design D-150. Better than NAD, Adcom, Rotel, lower power Classe, etc. High current output able to drive almost any speaker. Infinitely upgradable. You can find them used for less than a grand.
Try McIntosh MC7100 - I had used it before I switched to tubes. I thought it was much more musical than a lot of other more powerfull amps.
McCormack or Bryston for Vandersteen
I currently have Vandersteen 2CE sigs. I had the ARC SP9 MK2 in my system for about one month. I went from B&K 4420 to a McCormack DNA-1. The McCormack seems to mate very well with the Vandersteens. Don't know what tubes you are using but, I purchased a pair of Amperex USN-CEPs and made a huge difference. Really opened up the pre. I liked the set up but, tried a TAD-150 from bizzy bee audio and had to switch. Anyway the McCormack is a great choice for around $800 and it can be upgraded by Steve McCormack to world class level. That is why I bought it.... If you are interested in the Amperex tubes, let me know.....

I'll umpteenth the McCormack recommendation, and from experience. Great synergy with Vandys.
You could buy a new Odyssey Stratos for around 1 grand
if you can get your hand on an older bedini amp..they sound great with dad gave me one and loving it.i think the model like ba-803..they are big and heavy though..
McCormack DNA-1. Or check out used C-J MF series amps--a lot of amp for the $$.....