Best Amp With Some Warmth and Midrange Magic - Need 150wpc solid state, 100wpc Tube

I just ordered a pair of the ground breaking RAAL ear speakers after hearing them fairly extensively in a couple systems. They are a new type of sound reproducing device that sits on your head, like headphones, but it never touches your ears, and the ribbon speakers are set at varying distances off of your ears. This amazing product has absolutely incredible speed, detail and clarity, very surprising bass, and brilliant soundstaging. I'm not sure you could equal those qualities in a speaker at 20 times the price. The trick is, they require an amplifier that would be used for speakers. I think they are capable of moving from amazing to absolutely magical when paired with the right amp. That would be one, which brings some warmth and midrange magic to the party.

Normally this would clearly mean a good tube amplifier.However, the numbers of tube amps that would fill the bill are greatly narrowed due to the fact that, to perform optimally, the RAAL's require 150wpc solid state, and 100wpc tubed. And there are no shortcuts. As one reviewer experienced, as also did my friend and I, even the excellent ARC Reference 75 tube amp (with a rock solid 75wpc) came up a bit short in our listening. As did a very respected solid state amp rated at 100wpc.  

I would appreciate any recommendations of warmer solid state amps of the necessary wattage, or any potential tube amps that come to mind. My finances would great appreciate limiting the cost to $2500.00 or under, used. Older amps are fine unless they are at a point where they would need to be recapped/refurbished at significant expense.

Any recommendations, thoughts or expertise is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
How close are these ribbons to your ear and how large are they? Not sure you need, or want, 150 watts pumping into what are essentially headphones. I didn't see anything like what you're referring to on the Raal site.
I talked to RAAL after the amplifier power needed was specified in every review. They did verify the 150 watt solid state, 100 watt tubed amp requirements. I probably should have pointed out that the RAAL's come with a special interface box which presents a 6 ohm load to the amplifier, and whcih the SR71a's plug into. 

The ribbon speakers are 3/4ths to an inch from your ear, and are honestly very different from anything normally labeled as a headphone. 
Thanks for the BAT recommendation. Thats a very good amp, at an excellent price. However, BAT's are fully balanced designs and not ideal being used single ended with adaptors. I've spoken to BAT in the past, and they strongly recommend sticking to balanced electronics throughout the chain when using one of their amps. 
I would buy, if going vintage, a Sansui of the alpha series....I own a Sansui alpha and one Au-7700....I love them....Any big Sansui of the series AU also will do the job at a low price...My Sansui AU 7700 is detailed and sound like tube...A bigger one of the AU series will have the same sound...A recaped one at lower price than the price the OP is willing to pay is possible...Just right now on EBay ( around 1000 dollars) there is a Sansui 11,000 rated officially110 watts, but my 7700 is officially rated 58 watts and my tech rated it 80 watts....Sansui create some big machine of the highest quality for their times and even compared to now....

With the remaining money buy a big lithium battery and go off the grid....
Check out the Usher 1.5 power amp 150watts first 20-30 in class A, is said to sound a lot like a tube amp, just with more slam, it’s an updated Threshold design. Price just about your limit.
I can highly recommend RIc Schultz's EVS 1200, MSRP ~ $2300. It is based on the newest IcePower 1200as2 modules, which he then performs some 30 modes to

Money back guarantee

Well worth contacting him for his opinion

Thanks Tweak1, appreciate the recommendation. I read through the discussion you started about it, and it was interesting reading. I may have missed something, though, but did you ever receive the LSA Gan 200 that you hoped to compare with it?  I am very curious about that  technology, and that amp as well. 
The B&K amps from the 90's are ridiculously good for the money... like ST series ST-125.2, Reference 200.2, ST-1400.  Very warm "tube like" sound, non-fatiguing highs and are modestly priced.  The Hafler 9505 was to me the best sound for an amplifier within reason, amazing... nearly Class A, runs very hot and it can be hard to find a really clean one.  I found this amp to easily beat amps 3-4 times its cost, no contest.
... the RAAL's require 150wpc solid state, and 100wpc tubed.
Just curious, why different requirements for tube vs SS? Watts are watts.

Hi Nightfall-
If I wanted the advantages of a solid state am, I would get a ModWright KWA150.

Oodles of power, a sweet midrange and extension top to bottom. 
Some people say the KWA 150 has a bright top end, but I would think your headphone/speakers will compensate.

Hope you are enjoying the search.
Be well!