best used cd $500 - $700

Hi I am looking for a used cd in the 500 to 700 range.
Any idea,s would be great . I like dynamics with good extension not overly warm. Thanks in advance. Steve
I like the Rotel RCD 991. Very good for the money and if I well remember, it made onto the recommended component list of Stereophile.
The Oppo 983H gives my California Audio Labs Alpha DAC a serious run for its money; it also does DVD's and SACD's and DVD-Audio.

I've also been partial to the Music Hall CD-25 as I feel that it's a great bang for the buck.

I second the Music Hall CD25. Very nice sound a bit warm and smooth.
For me rotel 991 and Sony Xa7es .
A TRL modified Sony 595 if you can find one.
Consonance CD120 Linear is unbeatable.