Best speakers for max. $3000?

  I would like to upgrade to some new speakers and I might have a maximum of $3000 to spend if all goes well.
I don't care if they are new or used but my real world experience is limited so I am asking the experts!   I know it is subjective.
  I have Mirage OM-7s now with a HSU sub.  My amp is a Bryston 100B SST.  
Also, I have a chance to buy a set of Thiel CS 2.4s. I plan to try them.   Thanks for any advice!
tektone or goldyear is the best , try zu
You should seriously consider Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S. They perform way above their price point.
I heard some spatial audio speakers at the tweek geek's house at a Colorado audio society event and thought they were very nice (Spatial Audio X3 Open Baffle System w/ Beyma AMT). 

I've also considered what I would do for similar money if I ever needed to move my Coincident PRE's out of the living room. I think I'd try out some ohms.  Very positive impressions in those threads around here.
"Best" is very much in the ears of the beholder. If you told us a bit more about what kind of music you like, what volume you listen at, and what you don’t like about your current speakers, people might be able to give better advice. Do you prefer standmount or floorstanding speakers? Also, will you still be using the sub, or do you want a full-range model?

I hope you weren’t entirely serious when you called us experts! We are just a bunch of other audiophiles, with more or less experience, every one with opinions, but we won’t be listening to your system for the next X years. Who knows, one of us might even be a teenager who hates music but reads her father’s copies of TAS and occasionally posts here to get even.