Best speakers for HT usage?

Hey guys!

Currently rocking ML Ethos as LR and ESL C18 center....its been 3 years w/ these Ethos, so thinking of trying either bigger panels, or another speaker that will match well w/ the center. I'm primarily movies and gaming, decent size room with openings. SUb wise, I'm just seeing what options/thoughts there are for tower speakers out there? I'm not opposed to keeping what I got or staying w/ ML brand, just curious if any movie/gaming posters on here have found something they love. 
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Paradigm has great options with their Premier and Prestige Series.  Paradigm also owns MartinLogan.  They have different sounds, but do share some technology.
I actually randomly heard those at Magnolia the other day. Def. some good slam in them. 
I would recommend Definitve Technology towers. I have older Def Tech speakers for my HT. They are ok for music, but they are great for HT. The BP-9060 has a built in sub. This I believe is one of their current models. Just some food for thought.
I would say $5-6K max after I sell my Ethos speakers. I do some music as well, but primarily HT. So something thats good all round, but great for movies. If that makes sense. Or if it exists! LOL
You can get some incredible speakers.  What's your price point/budget?
Oh, I guess I'm talking sonically - I hvaen't mixed brands before, I've been led to believe that you want the frontstage to all match brandwise? But maybe not as important as I thought?
What's the problem matching your center?  Do you like wide dynamic range? As in explosively loud?
Triad has a phenomenal following for HT, lots of options there
Sanders Model 10, any SoundLabs.