Best speaker that Proac ever made

What do you believe to be the best speaker that Proac ever made ? Stand mount and tower versions. Not limited to the reference series or any other speaker series that Proac made.
ProAc Response D100, one of the best speakers in the world, ever. Period!
Response 2.5
Either the 2.5's or the Future 1's. I all fairness, though, I haven't heard every speaker they ever made.
My personal favorite is the response 3. That also is limited to what I have heard. I use 3's at home, and have no intention of ever selling them. I'd love to have the funds to try the 4 or 5's.
Owned 2, Heard 3, 3.5, D2.5, and 2.5.
Liked 2.5 the most.
I have owned the Response 1.5 as well as the D15 and have heard the 2.5 and the 3.8. The 3.8 is not just the best Proac speaker I've heard, it is one of my all-time favorite speakers. It had a natural rightness to it.
With the proper stands and a outboard sub, the 1SC, especially if you have a small room.
I heard the Response D40R with a Grommes phi26 a 1.75 SET amp and was blown away by the sound, the quality and the volume
Grinnell, I also heard the Response D40R with a Grommes phi26. It is a great sounding combination.

I currently have a pair of Response 2.5 with Quicksilver V4 amps and it is a very good combination in my room.

I have had a number of Proac speakers, booth stand and floor, and my current combination sounds the best to me.
Proac Response D100
"I currently have a pair of Response 2.5 with Quicksilver V4 amps and it is a very good combination in my room."

That's the best amp(s) I've ever heard with the 2.5's. Its an incredible combo. I had a VT-100, also a great match but not as good as the Quicksilver.
Thanks Zd542. It took a long time to finally get a amp/speaker combination that I am satisfied with. Currently using Gold Lion KT-77 tubes in the Quicksilver V-4
Response D Two

was it at Arizona HiFi? It was the reason i bought and waited 6 months for the Grommes
It was at Arizona Hi Fi. I bought a Grommes also.
Has anyone ever compared the Proac EBS speakers with some of the larger Proac tower speakers ?
I was going to mention the EBS, I have not compared them directly to the towers but I would take the EBS in a flash over any speaker they have ever made.
The original Response 2
Ladok, I owned the original Response 2 for about 9 years and it is a great speaker. My change to the Response 2.5 was an improvement to me, especially in bass response.
I have owned the Response 1s, 1sc, 2, 2s, 1.5 and 2.5 and have heard most of the Studios and Tablettes, as well as Response 3 and 3.5 and d38(was importer in country for close to 10 years). All have the typical Proac sound and in right room and with right amplification, they can sing. I prefer the original Response 2, will take the 1sc to island as my last speaker, but don’t care much for the 2.5’s(big bass and veiled mids compared to smaller 2 or 1sc’s, but was probably, after the Tablettes, Proac most successful mdoel).
After several years of really enjoying the Response 2, I also tried the 3 and the 2.5 (and still kept the 2). I think a lot of what me, Jperry, Stefan-air and others observed might have to do with amplification used. The 2 had a very benign impedence that was perfectly suited to the Audio Research amps I had at the time, particularly the old, classic D76A, but those same amps seemed to not match up with the 2.5 and like Stefan-air I kept getting bloated bass. And my amps probably didn't provide the 3 with enough boogie factor.
That is a good point Ladok. I used the Response 2 with a number of amps (Quad 909, Cary Rocket 88, Roksan Caspian integrated) and it worked well with all of them. At the time I had a smaller (8 X 10 X 8) listening room and listened very near field. When I moved I found that the Response 2 did not work as well in my larger room (11 X 17 X 10). I was considering adding subwoofers, but ran across a pair of Response 2.5 locally, and they added the bass I was missing. They are inefficient, but matched with the Quicksilver V-4 there is enough power to fill the room.

I would like to say this was carefully planned, but it involved more getting lucky. It takes the right match with the room and the right speaker/amp combination to achieve the desired results.

There is no doubt the Response 2 is a great speaker, and I am a fan of the Proac house sound.

I ended up with something that worked for me.

Two other speakers I really like in the current Proac line are the Tablette Anniversary and the D30
I don't mean to sidetrack the thread, but since you guys are all gathered :-) Is a 12x12 room too small for the Response 3? I've never heard them but I've heard the D2, D15, D25 and Studio 140 and loved all of them, and wondering if the Response 3 can be used in a small-ish room with listening distance of around 6 feet.
Bcgator "Is a 12x12 room too small for the Response 3?"

I have not heard the Response 3 in a room that size. So sorry I can't help you with an on point answer. It is a lot of speaker for a room that size and I think you would need some bass treatment at least.
I have the 3's, and love them. They do need the right amp, and room. I would guess 12 X 12 would be a bit small. I tried several amps and was so disappointed I wouldn't even use them. My friend has them running w some vintage threshold gear, so I knew what they could do. They need good power or you won't like them. I've got a big Arcam HT amp driving them now and I'm happy. It's still not the perfect match, but does the trick at the moment.
Thanks Jperry and Zydo, I ended up going with Proac D2 instead and they're perfect in my room. I appreciate the input, every little bit helps.