My ProAc R2.5's too big, need alternativ

Smaller room (18'x12')with no vaulted ceilings. concerned that 2.5's too much for the room. I need something that is sweet and musical (spoiled by Proac) but does really well with blues'/rock played loud like live music. Can any monitors do this? What about planers? Have Bryston 7B mono's and CJ PV12 preamp and Classe cdp .5 cd player. On the other hand, maybe the Proac's are top notch in any size room. Experienced ideas and suggestions very welcome and appreciated.
What about the 1.5's? I haven't heard them, but they are on my short list of speakers to listen to.
the 2.5 should be fine in your room if you love the sound don't change as long as you can get them out away from room boundaries you shold be fine just make sure you also have ample power
keep the 2.5's. alternatively, the 1.5's are also excellent, but don't do it until you give the 2.5's a shot. my brother-in-law has 2.5's in a 14'x16' room & they're awesome! he's got 1.5's in a smaller room... re: monitors, (like the proac 1sc's?) sure they can rock, but ya need an outstanding x-over & a pair of quality subs. (i like vmps) doug
I have 2.5's in a 17'x15' room. outstanding sound. just keep them away from walls. no point in getting a pair of 1.5's. the bass is tight already so you would only lose impact if you got smaller speakers.
I agree with the above posts. Keep the 2.5's. I own Shearwaters with the same driver and equal propensity to go low. As long as you can kep them separated and get them away from the wall the sound should be top notch.
Thanks to everyone for the input. I'll give them a try and if they overwhelm the room I decide from there. Are planer speakers like Maggies, Quad, or Sound Lab better or worse in smallish rooms and do they prefer "polite" volume and music over fairly loud blues/rock? I have lots of amp power. Thanks