Best Speaker matches for Parasound Halo JC-1's ?

I wish to upgrade my speakers in the near future to take full advantage of the sonics of my EXCELLENT JC-1 monoblock amplifiers. I am interested in speakers that match extremely well with, and have outstanding synergy with the JC-1's.
Based on your own personal experiences with your own JC-1 amps and your own speakers, or based on your listening experiences with other owners of JC-1's and their speakers, I need your recommendations.
I am currently using Paradigm Reference Studio/100 version 2 loudspeakers, which sound great, but I feel I could do better. Especially in such areas as speed, imaging, detail resolution, transparency, openness, and top-end extension and "air".
I am interested in FULL-RANGE Speakers ONLY. No mini-monitors, please! Does not matter if they are cone&dome, planar, ribbon, electrostatic, etc., as long as they are full-range!
What I am looking for:
Bass: In room extension to AT LEAST 25 hz.Powerful, detailed, tight, and fast. The Paradigms are flat to 25 hz in my room.
Midrange: Open, detailed, transparent, smooth, and quick. Vocal reproduction, especially female vocals are also VERY IMPORTANT to me
Treble: Fast, clean, transparent, detailed, and open.
Top-end: Open, extended, detailed, delicate, and airy, with no top-end roll-off at all.
Imaging: Palpable, 3-Dimensional, transparent, with excellent focus.
Overall: Full-range, excellent detail resolution, neutral, and very transparent.I would also prefer a very slightly forward sound as opposed to a laid-back perspective.
I listen mainly to pop, R&B, and some jazz, rock, and country.
My current components are:
Sony CDP-333ES CD changer
Sony XA777ES SACD/CD player-[on the way!]
Modded Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai universal disc player
Adcom GFP-750 preamp
Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock power amps
LAT International IC-200 MK II interconnects
LAT International SS-1000 D external bi-wire speaker cables
Paradigm Reference Studio/100 version 2 loudspeakers
I am planning on buying Parasounds upcoming high-end JC-2 preamp next year as well.
Thanks in advance for your recommendations and help!
I don't know seems to me you already have a pretty good idea of what you want, but are just not coming out with names. I think the whole synergy thing is way overdone when it comes to power amps good ones can drive anything. On that basis the world appears wide open to you, although you make no mention of how much money you are either capable or willing to spend. The criteria you give sounds like what the advertising department of any speaker company would come up with. I think you have hit each and every nail on the head. I am certain that what you want is feedback from folks who actually own the Parasounds and whatever speakers they have paired them with so that any recommendation I might make will not be held in very high regard. I would recommend that you audition all of the speakers in what I believe is that list you do have in the back of your mind. I would not be surprised if people suggested Revel Salons for some reason I can pinpoint. A price range would certainly help in providing proper suggestions. Magneplanar MG 3.6 Rs, JM Labs Alto Be, Thiel CS 6 or 7.2, for openness Verity Parsifal Encores, at a price point, Von Schweikerts. In closing, I am certain that what you want is positive reinforcement from actual owners of speakers, but keep in mind that what they like may not be what you like, even if your wish list is quite detailed. There is no substitute for listening and judging for yourself. Good luck.
My price range is preferably under $7,500.00 used, and hopefully much lower than that.
Some systems I am interested in are:
Infinity Preludes
Revel Ultima Studios
Thiel CS 6
Magneplanar MG3.6R
Von Schweikert VR-4 GEN.III SE
And, any other full range systems I haven't named in this price range.Problem is, I haven't heard any of them, and I would have a real hard time auditioning them in this area, as there are very few Hi-Fi shops in my area, plus, they don't carry any of these brands. I do not have any particular speaker brand in mind. Yes, I prefer responses from those using the JC-1's, but I am open to all responses.
Thanks and keep 'em coming.
Von Schweikert VR-4 III SE is an EXCELLENT match with the JC-1 monos. I heard this setup and was mucho impressed with the musical neutrality, natural, unforced dynamics and excellent extension. Give this setup a listen if you can.
Consider a pair of used Coincident Total Victory or Total Eclipses. My TV's never cease to amaze me, in all the categories you mention. They have fantastic presence and drive, and are some of the most lifelike speakers I've heard.

The only problem is they are so efficient that you'll only use about 10 of the 400 watts you've paid for :-)
Get the von Schweikerts. The Magnepans require too much modification to sound their best, unless you're good at that sort of thing.
I do not have the Parasound's however, that is one that is absolutely on my short list. I have a pair of Dali Euphonia MS4's and they are a speaker that should be on your very short list.

Good Listening,

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ
You like your Paradigms so try the new Signature series. I heard them demo'ed with McIntosh. They sound great!! Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
The VMPS RM 40's will be very difficult to match much less beat in that price category. You should at least give them a listen. Go to and there may be a dealer or an owner who will let you audition. You have some excellent possibilities. All will work well with those amps but what sound you prefer only you can decide.
JC1's are powerful enough to drive most demanding speakers.
Besides the Sound Lab A-1 and VMPS RM40 that I had in the past,they are driving a pair of SP Tech with ease.Check out their web site for more info.See what the Pro's and audiophile are rave about.Best full range performance/price ratio IMHO.
On a good day, you should be able to find, used, either Maggie 20.1s or SoundLab A-3s, maybe even A-1s, within your price range. Seems there was a pair of the 20.1s on Audiogon recently for that money. My A-3s were in that ballpark a few years ago.
Try the Tekton Pendragon for $2,500, you'll be amazed.
I wrote this for another post. What it doesn't say is that the Eidolons replaced a pair of Studio 100 v2's. The Paradigms sound like multiple drivers in a box. They go deep and they go high. In hindsight they simply don't correct by comparison. The Studio's tend to come into their own at a slightly higher than normal listening level and fall apart at low levels. The difference in presentation is difficult to describe. The Eidolons are time and phase correct as are Vandersteen's to only other speaker I would recommend to anybody. Once you live with this correctness you should be able to hear the pitfalls of other designs. Yes they are worth the money, used.

{I never liked Avalon Eidolons whenever I heard them at shows and stores because they always seemed dull and sleepy by comparison. They were very highly suggested by two people I barely know who are in the industry and who have the opportunity to listen to much of what is available in actual side by side comparison to what they are producing and what they are using as their reference equipment.

Even so it seemed to me that there were many other speakers that were more dynamic, did louder bass, more sparkling highs. Trusting my own inexperienced ears I went through three of these other speakers as well as a host of electronics. I didn't even realizes that in the end all I was listening to was my system I didn't even realize my dissatisfaction.

A few years had passed and the Eidolon remained unchanged while the speakers I had chosen as well as many others I was interested in had new ramped up models almost yearly.

A pair of original owner Eidolons became available at a very reasonable price well under their used market price which made the possibility of resale easy.
That was a long time ago. Since then I have recently upgraded my digital playback as well as a new Ruby Z phono cartridge. There was nothing wrong with my electronics.

Obviously, this should sound like a tail of one's subjective taste fulfilled, and it is. Avalons generally require a great deal of room. Go online and check out their setup procedure. If you can't put them and your seating position where they belong I don't think you're going to hear the magic. Now that I've lived with them most other speaker systems simply don't sound right to me and I don't know why.

Something I never counted on with my Avalons. You'll notice their faceted appearance has been copied in one way or another more than probably anything else in home audio. Their appearance out in the middle of our living room is stunning. After all these years of ownership I have yet to tire of their appearance, the craftsmanship is outstanding. Again, subjective taste fulfilled.}
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What Rob 2 was saying about the Tekton Pendragons was spot on the Parasound Halo CJ-1,or even the A-21the CJ-1 runs in pure class-A
For the first 25 watts .the Pendragon is one of those speakers that is a
4 ohm load that is 95 db @1watt.meaning you will allways be running
In pure class A. .if you have never heard Tekton speakers it is like a direct feed from your amp,only one capacitor to he bass,and one for the tweeter
Dynamics,imaging,soundstaging,depth, and tonal balance,
If you want it to be even better opt for the Mundorf Silver oil capacitors,
And the New Pendragons using Scanspeak ring radiator Tweeters,
And Seas mid-Bass drivers in the -SE model.