Mark Levinson No.383 matches Proac Res.2.5?

I'm wonder if the integrated amp "Mark Levinson #383" would match with a pair of Proac Response 2.5 speakers?

Also another stupid question: Why do people prefer to use seperated power amp and pre-amplifier, instead of using the integrated amp. My opinion is you don't need to find the best cable to link between the power amp and the preamp. We can reduce the problem there.

Thank you
it allows them to change components. the levinson and the proac are a great match. a true hi fidelility system.
Pre amp/power amp combo allows for experimentation, and it gives a power supply to each of the pre and power. If you wanted a tubed pre and a solid state power, that would be possible. (There are some hybrid integrateds, though).

Cables also allow tweaking of the sound. So, as some see finding a cable between a pre and power as a nucance, others see it as a chance to better their system. It's all a matter of choice. As far as user interface, though, there is none better than the 383.
I am a fan of integrated amplifiers and I run Mark Levinson 383 with ProAc D38 and it performs as a perfect match to my ears - a big wide soundstage, sweet and crystal clear treble, unstressed and open midrange and with good bass control. Having owned ProAc Response 2.5 (with another amplifier) i guess ML 383 will reveal the whole potential of our excellent speakers.
Proac is very fine musical, and warm speaker. ML is a rather cold gear. I would not mix the two. They work against each other. Of course, it may good, but once you replace the ML with a NAIM, EAR or any fairly good tube amplifier you would likel zto realise the same / even if you put nto the chain a gear which has half price compared to the ML.
I have used the ProAc's with Conrad-Johnson CAV50 tube amplifier but the transistor based ML 383 has better bass control, dynamics and much lower noise floor. It is quite impressive how the ProAc's can play bass if the amplifier is fast and controlled. The combination of ML and ProAc is getting the best out of each other.