Best SET amp with Coincident Total Victory?

Can anyone recommend a SET amp to use with Coincident technologies Total Victory Speakers? (I'm hoping to stay at or under $6k).
I just got a used Sophia 845. I picked this up local. At the seller's house he has the smaller version of these speakers--The model with the ribon tweeter. This amp sounds pretty hot.-------Am I to assume you will be spending that 6k for a used amp? Verona? Shop,baby, shop. 6k will buy a lot of amp. There are so many good sets out there.
DeHavilland makes some superb high-power SET's. Nope, I don't sell 'em. Suggest you contact Brian Rovinsky of St. Cecilia Sound,, phone number 727-726-7575 . Brian is a truly GREAT guy, and lo and behold just so happens he's also a "Coincident" dealer. (I'm resisting mightily the urge to indulge in a bad pun.... must resist... arrrrrgh... must hit "Submit now" button.... mustn't give in...)
I know one person using the Antique Sound Labs AQ1009 SET amps using 845's, and he is very impressed with the sound. He has used many amps with various Coincident speakers, so he has a fairly wide range of experience with these speakers.

Probably the 1009 should be on an audition list.
Hello Banjofan. I whole heartily agree with TWL. The ASL 1009's are truly something special! 60 watt Parallel set monos employing a pair of the large 845 valves. The poor mans Ongako-on's. All the best on your endevour.
I've discovered that the TVs really have lower sensitivity than their 97 dB claim. My Cain & Cain Abbys (95dB) play a fair bit louder at the same volume setting on the same preamp and amps. I'd estimate the TVs at 92 to 93 dB.

What that means is that a traditional 4 to 8 watt SET might not cut it. I'd stick to amps that can put out at least 12-16 watts. There are a number of 845 amps out there that ought to fill the bill - the AQ1009 already mentioned would be a nice choice. A KR amp that uses the 300BXLS tube would be worth considering. I have a KR 18 BSI that drives the TVs beautifully. Parallel 300B's is another choice. Coincident OEMs one - their MP300B, which is actually under your budget.
Hey Gliderguider, Your thoughts on the Kr 18bsi. I have always been a little perplexed as to why the Kr stuff doesn't get more positive press.For what they can be purchased for on the used market, they have almost no real competition sonically. Both the 300 bxl and the 842 possess the sublime beauty of the 300b but on steroids. The finest bass response of any set amp out there, and that includes the more powerfull 845 based amps.
I share your admiration for the KR18, Ecclectique. For the price they are utterly remarkable. Don't know why they didn't take off, but I suspect it has to do with marketing and distribution. My local dealer just finalized a new relationship with Eunice Kron, and he says "Eastern Europeans are very different to do business with".

Mine is in getting the volume pot upgraded and having some board mods done. It will be very interesting when it comes back to compare it to my Wavelengths on the Total Victories - I have no expectations about which will win the shootout.
I've just had a revelation. I borrowed an Audion Silver Knight PX-25 amp from my dealer. This thing is utterly incredible on my TVs. At 6 wpc it drives them better than my 300B Wavelength Triton Blues that are rated at 16.

I've been using the Audion with its built-in volume pot, and comparing it to the Tritons with my Audion Premier preamp. Frankly, there just is no comparison. The PX25 is superior in every objective consideration - cleaner, smoother, better bass, a midrange to die for, massive sounstaging, pinpoint imaging and dynamics that will make you jump out of your skin. But all that pales in comparison to the subjective qualities of this amp. It's the first one I've listened to that has Soul. The whole package is lifelike in a more seductive way than I thought possible. Allison Krause's voice through these amps - don't get me started. I just can't stop listening.

Anyone with Total Victories owes it to themselves to try a PX-25 amp on them at some point. I'm gobsmacked.
Here's one more suggestion. Last night I heard the brand new Sapphire 300B from Wyetech Labs playing on Total Victories at the home of the designer. They are unlike any other SET amp I've heard.

These are remarkable amps. They are 18 wpc parallel 300B's that have deep, controlled, resolute, thunderous bass that I've never heard from any tube amp before, massive dynamics, remarkable micro-detail, impeccable transient response and a purity of tone that goes right up the spectrum and covers the full volume range.

And boy, could they drive the TVs! At one point we had it cranked up and wanted to communicate. We had to get within two feet of each other and shout to be understood. All the while the musaic was just playing along - uncongested, uncompressed, clean, pure, unflustered, sounding just like it did at lower levels, except UNBELIEVABLY LOUD :-)

I was transfixed by what they did right. In the end though, for me they were easier to admire than to love. I apparently need different audio tickles to keep me happy. If neutrality, dynamics, fabulous bass and a good dose of tube midrange (without being warm) are your ticket to audio nirvana, however, you should look into these. At a stated price of $6900 they have a whole lot to recommend them. I'm sticking with the PX25s, though.
2nd Duke's recommendation about Brian: real great guy and so is his lovely wife. I visited them during vacation in Florida during Christmas week. Real friendly and the store has a friendly atmosphere. Also has Alon, VonSchweikert, and Coincident, I think he also had Thor tube stuff.
845 tube based amp, it seems to me that the latest Art Audio Carissa amp, which produces just 16 or was it 12 watts, pure class A, instead of the common 40-45 watts, might be a match made in heaven, not to say anything about the price....less than 4K, something of a rarity in all of the AAudio range.
I am using Atma-Sphere MA1 Silver Editions. I also had the M60 and found it had all the punch I needed. I have heard that Mr. Blume used M60's for voicing of the original Coincident high efficiency speakers.

Make sure you try them at least once, you may never go with anything else. I am sure I will never change, and I enjoyed Coincidents own 300b amp.