Best Preamp under $1000-need 2 sets of RCA outs

I am using a Krell 250a power amp, Arcam CD player, Silverline Panatella II speakers, a pair of Velodyne HGS-10 subwoofers and Harmonic Technology cables. I currently run balanced cables to the amp and single ended to the subs but the gain differential make the subs difficult to blend. Unless there is a better way to mitigate this issue, I am seeking your expert advice on a preamp that has two sets of single ended pre-outs.

Thank you.
I saw someone selling a Bryston BP20 here on A'gon. Perfect line stage with two RCA outs. If you want to play with tubes, an Anthem Pre2L or Pre1L is good.
I really like my ~$500-used Counterpoint SA-2000. It is hybrid with (two) buffered pre outs, so it can easily mate with SS amps.
Threshold T-3 preamp ..... very good preamp and has two sets.
The designer of the FT Audio LW-1 Passive Pre-Amp owns a Krell Amp.I believe it's the KSA-100 ,but I am not certain on that.

Some say that you will not do better till you get to the $2000-$4000 range.

Try to get a used unit. I bought mine for approx. $400 and I probably will never sell it even if I were to get an active stage. Most all the equiptment that I buy stays with me for a decade becasue I try to get the most for my money and I'm very selective.

The LW-1 has been put against alot of units way past it's price point and has successfully held it's own.
Talk to Galen Carol Audio for an Eastern Electric MiniMax. This is a tube line stage that has two sets of outputs. Galen let me try mine before I bought it. The sound of this thing is just astounding for the price. The sound gets even better with NOS tubes. It all is system and taste dependent but, all the reports come back with an enthusiastic thumbs-up including reviewers and users alike.
A real giant-killer.
Second the Anthem Pre 2L - I wish I'd never sold mine. Later I got a more expensive Cary, but it wasn't as good a performer as the Anthem in my room/system. They can be had cheap (<600) - a killer product.
I second the Eastern Electric Mini Max. The best & now
longest pre I have owned. I also bought mine through
Galen Carol Audio. Great guy to deal with! Right
in your price range too.

See link to EE audio...
The Eastern Electric MiniMax. I've had mine for about a month and am absolutely amazed at how it's taken my system to a new level. If you can get by without a remote and want the best sounding pre without a bunch of "features", the MiniMax is the one. It retails for around $1,200 new.
A McCormack RLD1 might be available under $1000 used.