Best power cord for digital

components - specifically for a one-box player ? My machine is the Wadia modded S7i, and due to space constraints, I cannot use a thick, hard-to-bend cable.
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If you are on a budget I say look at the Shunyata Venom 3S. It is made specifically for front-end sources. I have used it with various digital sources and preamps with really pleasing results.
The one it came with is fine.
alt#1: ECOSSE RED (see great review in Positive Feedback.COM issue 25 ... I use them.

alt#2: REGA COUPLE (made by KLOTZ in Germany). I use them.

See REGA website for specs. It comes standard with the REGA ISSIS cdp and OSIRIS amp.

It actually outperformed the ECOSSE equipped with the top -of-the line gold FURUTECH plugs ---but that is on my REGA kit. The ECOSSE/FURUTECH cables are still killers in my B system.
Try a Stealth Dream V10 (digital)
JPS Labs Digital AC-X. Its just what you're looking for.
Another vote for JPS Labs.
Valhalla powercable is great for digital sources. I sold this one to many Wadia owners.
I have Purist Audio Design CANORUS power cords on all my electronics.
Incredible dynamics with an analog lushness.
Elrod EPS 2 Sig, or LessLoss Sig.

I have several Valhallas, but have not found them to be the best on digital.

Best? -who knows? Very good is JPS Labs.


I use a CH Acoustic X20 on my insanely modded S7i. You can look here: to see what other power cords I've used before settling in with these for the last 2 1/2 years.

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try Pranawire Samadhi, IMO, the best one for your Wadia.

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@ Dr john,The end game!Taralabs cabolt a/c power cord,very good user feedbacks,said to be one of the best available!cheers!
I like the later iterations of silver carbon power cords made by the late Michael Wolff. It came out on top in a 22 cables shoot out a few years back.

Unfortunately Mike is no longer around.

I agree the JPS is also very good.
You might as well widden your search by trying This "froggy-câble" called absolue créations -Tim référence (s) is the best froggy power cord for cd player i have ever heard it directs what ever is in the grooves with autority and behaves like à Music conducteur. If you CAN...ofcourse,I have had it for a week end it´s very musical.hope That help.
I love Triode Wire Labs' 10+ for DACs and CD players. Really a fantastic cable for digital. I have a suspicion that the HiDiamond Power 3 would be great there as well, but I only have a couple in analog positions in my rig.
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You should try APCcables By Bernie before spending crazy money plus you get 21days trial, one of his new model call COPPERHEAD VERY flexible very good price also I'll try the TAIPAN version again for a big power cord is VERY flexible too.. Hope this help. Mike