Best phono cable for EMT 15?

Just wanted to see if anyone is currently using this cartridge and has a cable that they think is a good match. Since the output is a fairly high 1.05mv I am at a bit of a loss as to which cable to use. Any help picking one out would be very appreciated.

By the way I am using this cart with a ortofon rs-309d and a garrard 301. Also sorry if this is the wrong sub group to post this in.
I see you list A23 IC on your system page. Could you try that. Shindo also comes to mind, but I'm sure there are other good ones. Did you keep your Amadeus, or are you just moving on to the Garrard.
I use a Kimber TAK-Cu. I had it in a drawer when I got my WT Simplex and I was planning to upgrade but I've not been able to find a better cable (after testing a few) for my $700 budget. It could be that it's just a good match for my EMT.
The A23 I am actually new ortofon rs 309d takes DIN so I'm going to have to let go of it. I did end up selling the Amadeus, mainly because my girlfriend wasn't too keen on the idea of me setting up another turntable in our apartment or taking up a lot of self space to store it.

I was actually already thinking of that kimber, might use cable company's loaner program to try it out.
My typo, or rather the leaving out of "tsd", on the title is really starting to bother me..thought I should say something...ha.
The A23 I am actually selling..

To bad - the A23 IC makes a great phono cbl for the EMT TSD 15 IMO
I have used the Kimber with my 309D for several years and see no reason to change. I suspect synergy is more to do with matching the phono stage, than arm or table though.
Hi Ohnofiasco, what did you end up using for the EMT TSD15? Thank you.